Sitting in the Shadows

Many of you have heard the reference “the dark night of the Soul”, and many of us (myself included) have met spaces within ourselves, and spaces in our lives, that have felt incredibly dark and heavy.

Now may very well be one of them for you.

It is easy to talk about evolutionary shifts in a way that makes them sound all high vibe and exciting, and they are. However, the human experience of these shifts can feel very different. We are indeed in the midst of a monumental shift in vibration, and we can see it and feel it everywhere, inside of us, and outside in our world. It’s big. There’s no doubt about it.

Many people are feeling left behind by their loved ones in Spirit. EVERYTHING is evolving, not just our human consciousness, EVERYTHING, which means our sense of Spirit is shifting also. No, no one is leaving us behind or going anywhere, but we need to open ourselves even more than usual to allow ourselves to feel the comfort we are accustomed to experience in the arms of Spirit. Our natural tendencies to look in the same place are being thrown off, and Spirit is simply asking us to adapt to a new level by feeling for this sacred space a bit differently than we have previous to this shift.

It is new and exciting but it’s also challenging as we’re asked to shed layer, and deep DEEP layers of what no longer serves our greatest self. Our truth is being drawn forward, literally drawn out of us at this time, and not all experiences of that feel kind or wanted. Relationships are changing and some endings, jobs, careers, perceptions, belief systems, old values systems, are all changing from within and can leave us feeling out of sorts and confused as to who is running us right now. Spirit is.

Spirit asks us to sit in our discomfort, not as a form of punishment, but as a way of building awareness to what is working, as in what in our life brings us closer to joy and what doesn’t. We must recognize and peel apart the layers of discomfort in order to gain the awareness that lets our own intuition speak clearly to us about what is necessary for us to keep, and what to leave behind on this level.

Emotions are high. We see this in our world and experience it within ourselves. Show grace and love and compassion to yourself most of all. Return to your inner sanctum for comfort and to find your connection to Spirit through meditation, prayers, nature, whatever fills your Souls needs and attains inner connection, your gateway to inner peace. If you feel a need to be quiet in this time, allow yourself to be quiet.

We are in a time of reorganization down to our cellular level. This is a big deal. Be gentle and care for yourself in ways that allow for yourself and require little or nothing of others. This is a time for self first, others second. We can love and care for ourselves next to others peacefully, no one is going without during this time. All we need to do is maintain our connection to Spirit and we will be lead loving through this time of discomfort, that feels very much like a dark night of the Soul, and we are being birthed into a new dimension and a new light.

Our Divine truth is being brought forward and our lights will shine like no other time. This is about becoming more and more our authentic, honest selves. This is a time to leave behind the falsehoods. Ask yourself, “if it was just me in this world, would I be doing this? Wanting this? Pursuing this?” This is a time for complete honesty within ourselves.

Your true beauty and gift are being called forward. This shift is about evolving into our greatest selves, our unique gifts are being brought to the surface for us to engage and give into the world. We are held, we are loved, we are being led through the forest, especially in the dark.

Take comfort, find Spirit in your quiet peace-filled times. Let it in, let it lead.

You are loved.

Forever the journey, Anne

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