Seek Spirit – Quieting in Order to Hear

So things have been a bit uncomfortable, and for many it’s been for quite some time and you’re sick of it. I hear you. I feel it with you. Me too.

Spirit is changing its tune at this time. The time of push, push, push until we get the message is being replaced with more of a “its ok, we’ll wait and just sit here until you get it”, hence all the feelings of “stuck” we’re feeling. Spirit is asking us, quietly, as in “all that inner work we’ve been asking you to do, yeah, so we don’t need to shout”, now you need to sit inside yourself and be quiet so that you can hear. Hear your inner self, hear how your ego mind preaches fear or control (externalized fear), hear your Spirit guiding you to your peace and your Light.

We are busy being busy. Our inner message is one whispering to us in our deepest heart space. We’re well versed in staying inside and not going anywhere, but did you get comfortable with the discomfort? Once you sink in through the discomfort of the “stuck”, once you get familiar with the quiet that lives deep inside you, once you teach yourself to just sit in stillness, you will hear amazing things, you will have answers to your unanswered questions, you will know your Soul.

It’s all in there.

Seek Spirit, and all else will reveal itself.

Forever the journey,

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