Riding the Rollercoaster

I LOVE rollercoasters! Seriously, love them. I’m a traditional girl; I’ve ridden the world’s largest wooden coaster back in Florida decades ago. It’s out of commission now…that’s a good thing, trust me. The entire time I was riding it I was quietly waiting for a rail to break, a car to go flying, it was rickety. With that said, it was indeed part of the fun of riding it.

I don’t like to fear for my life but I do like a fast and furious ride, arms in the air, screaming my head off for two minutes until the finish. Good times. My favorite still, the Montu at Busch Gardens in Florida, front seat for sure.

While I love the excitement of the ups and downs of a rollercoaster this energy shift we are in is really getting to be a bit much. You’ve been feeling it too? I know you have, I hear it every day in my work. Things getting pulled apart and put back together in a new order, things being lost, and then found, emotions are either wide open or shut off completely, we seem steeped in extremes and polarity as we are moving through this into our new order.

Please know the new order is arriving! These feelings of upheaval won’t last forever, I promise you. While we’re in it, be mindful. Notice what you notice: what is coming up in front of you again and again? Ask yourself, “What is the emotion behind this?”. And then ask, “And what is the emotion behind THAT emotion?”. Notice what is truly driving you. This is a time of releasing old patterns, un-serving values and beliefs, of evolving towards the Divine Self that Spirit is asking us to step into. It’s a journey for sure, but you’re here so accept the challenge and step into it with some confidence. Spirit wants only our best, and wants only the best for us. So we are asked to have faith, lean in to our discomfort and be self aware. Spirit is asking us to wake up to our shadow sides, our fears, our anger, the places we feel powerless and unseen. It’s our time to wake and shake off our rage and walk out of the darkness into the light. Sound at all familiar? It should. We are called to be the Light in this world, we are the Universe’s best idea ever, and all it asks is for our true selves to shine through, for us to be purposeful about choosing what aligns with our integrity and what doesn’t, to be clear about our choices, thoughts, words and feelings so that we operate in alignment with our heart and Soul’s desires.

Ask yourself, “do this feeling/thought/action get me closer to my desire, or further away”? Be intentional about each and every decision you make, each and everyday. This doesn’t mean don’t ever kick back with a beer and watch football, it simply means be conscious about how you are being and who you are being in this world.

Honor yourself and your gifts. Let the beauty of who you are spill forth for the entire world to enjoy. The fact of the matter is, you’ll win some, and you’ll lose some. Not everyone is going to love you in your Divine Self. Heck, not everyone loves you now. That’s just life. Be who you are in your Spirit and the right people will be there with you. Every.single.time.

The roller coaster feelings will come to an end. We’ll all cruise into the end of this energy ride no worse for wear, smiling, laughing and a little “wow, crazy”.

Enjoy the ride. Hands in the air!

Forever the journey, Anne

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