Playing in the Exchange

I’m driving down the road towards the farm of my future playing in the energies of the new moon coming straight off of Yesterday’s eclipse. My dreamer mind is having the time of its life! As I move into a space of a bit of discomfort, I am playing with my dreams, and my ego mine steps in with this idea of figuring out the “how“ I will actualize any of these dreams. Spirit speaks in what feels like a wind of cleansing moving through my entire mind and body “don’t worry about it, that’s what we are for“ and I am immediately taken into an altered space. All this happens while driving, of course. Thank heavens for back country roads! This space is a movement between realms; the energies of mother earth, the energies of the human plane, the energies of all dimensions of spirit and universe, and the cosmos intermixing. I feel the gentle push and pull and flow in and flow out of these energies as they move.

With me and through me and moving me, I come to realize that it is all just an energetic exchange. I pray for a moment I am able to give into all of these realms from this mirror mortal body in a way that makes this vibrational energy richer and lighter and brighter. I am suddenly in a moment of clarity that it is truly all playing in the exchange. We are all playing in the exchange! Our thoughts, our feelings, and our sensations are all vibrational energy that exudes from us into the energies around us. Spirit and its multi-dimensions feed into mother earth, draw from us only to return and feeds back to us our expressions and experiences into this realm of spirit and mother earth. This all happens with simultaneous flow. We are constantly in a state of giving and receiving. Our job is to keep our vibrational interest and focus on the highest possible vibration in any and every moment. Short, this isn’t always easy and not always done by any of us, myself included. As a mere human, I fall into the depths of despair – I get discouraged, have anxiety, and my fear creeps in. I’m super normal that way. In addition to this, I recognize in the moment I am so over with the awareness that none of these things are true. The only truth is that we are playing in the exchange of energy in, energy through, and energy out.

In this time of incredible shifting in this vibrational energy, be mindful my friends. Play in the exchange with focus and intention. Dream big dreams and let it feel like play, let this be fun, joy is our innate vibrational state. The earth sings with joy, Spirit in all of its realm echoes back joy. We can only receive joy, therefore at some point, we must yield to the idea that joy is truly our original state of being. Come with me this time, let’s play. Let’s bring our vibrational focus of joy and dreams and abundance into this time and feed into this exchange with mindfulness of our greatest potential, our divine sense of purpose, and like children, let’s have fun.

Forever the journey, Anne

PS – safety first, thank heavens for back country roads!

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