Plant Babies

I am a self proclaimed weirdo. I say it about myself so it saves everyone else the trouble and they have the ease of just nodding their heads in agreement. My weirdness is largely based around the fact that I find immense pleasure and unmistakable gushing joy in things that are connected to nature and “homesteading.” Today’s adventure is plant babies.

I remember decades ago a massage client of mine telling me about this amazing garden family from St. Joe that grew the BEST tomato plants, and had the cutest name… ACME Tomato. If this turns into a shameless plug for them and their work, GREAT!

My client gave me their catalog and I was hooked immediately and have been now for literally 20 years. It actually surprises me as I do the math on this because I had no idea it had been that long.

Each year the catalog arrives as my first sign that we will indeed survived another long Minnesota winter and that Spring will actually arrive and garden season will have me up to my elbows in weeds and all things veggies. I comb the catalog with eager eyes to find my favorites, Polish Linguisas, romas, and such as well as my need to always try a new one. Let’s face it, you don’t know what you like until you have it! This all sums up on a sweet day in May when I get to drive to the middle of the most gorgeous part of Stearns county and pick up my plant babies.

Today was that day. As Clarence and I were loading them in the car I tore a leaf of basil and ate it. Sacred. There is a vibration to plants that many people never stop to experience, but it is there. We looked at the plants and took notice of their tender gifts; strong, vibrant colors. “Look at how thick those stalks are”, and “Oh my goodness, they feel so healthy.” We want them to feel loved.

It may sound strange, but I also know some of you truly get it. Plants connect us to the natural world in the most simplistic fashion.

Last week Clarence and I were walking around our yard checking out the apple trees, and the asparagus we were going to have for dinner, the flowering crab in bloom and my burly husband began to ooze about the beauty. That for all the years of his working hard, “shoulders back and head down” he never stopped to notice how beautiful “everything is.” So true my dear. I looked at him as he spoke and couldn’t keep from being amazed. I mean I know he doesn’t love these things like I do, but it was an interesting mix of awe in his awakening to the natural world around him, and the fact that in 66 years this was the first time he really stopped to notice and appreciate it. “It is breath for me,” I said in response. “The things you are talking about are my oxygen. I honestly wouldn’t want to live in a world where I wasn’t in attention and connection to the awesomeness of nature. That is God right there.”

It is so true. There are more than a few people in my life who have told me I am so simple to make happy. Even the ones that said it like it was a defect, I took it as a compliment. Just take me outside, put my feet and hands in the dirt, and I am nearer to heaven. Just a walk in the woods and I am back inside my body with a clearer mind.

As we drove away the smell of fresh basil filled our entire car. My husband looked at me and smiled and said, “You smell that?”

We both just grinned that content life-is-good kind of grin and headed out into our day.

Stop. Look around. The love and fulfillment of nature is everywhere around us, from your house plants, to the lilac bushes, to the forest floors and the oceans deep. Mother Nature sings the songs of love.

Just listen, and breathe in that song of love.


Forever the journey, Anne

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