Of Gift and Curse – Our Dig For the Gold

“I love in the beginning of the book how he asks you what is the worst decision of your life and I thought, “marrying my ex-husband”, and then he asks you, “what was the best decision of your life and I thought, “marrying my ex-husband”.

We laughed and laughed and laughed. 

How often in life isn’t this just the case. The things that provide the greatest level of struggle for us, also provide the greatest gifts. 

I have one of those exes as well. Everything about him that made me work my ass off to climb over that mountain also made me the woman I am today. The woman who my current husband fell in love with for the very same qualities were not highlighted in my personality before being married to my first husband.  

Does it matter what those qualities are? Nope, not for this conversation.

What matters is our ability to take what may seem like misery, mistake or curse and see the gift. Where did we receive, even through our struggle or pain, something that we needed, in order to build into our Divine self? 

I sit with people often who have had experiences in their lives that they believe broke them, and our work together quite often is about healing that version of ourselves back there, so that who we are now can see the gift. It happens all of the time. 

This current energy is all about releasing and letting go in order to expose the gold in the vein of rock. Sometimes, oftentimes, it’s hard to find. But if we slow down, if we are willing to shift our angel, or change our perspective, we find the treasure locked within the experience. 

My Dears, keep digging for the gold.

Forever the journey,

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