Nuggets of Gold 

She talked about stepping more deeply into her shadow work lately. Her Guides had brought through a statement about her “changing her mind,” so as we spoke she talked about the many ways as of late, her mind, her perspectives have changed… for the better. By “better,” I mean joy.

“I started to see all the nuggets of gold that I have gotten from my husband, and my parents!” she said with incredible enthusiasm. Her relationship to her upbringing has always been a place that she struggled to find a sense of validation. As with many people she was raised by good people who had no consciousness about the messages they gave their kids.

From time to time tears filled her eyes as she spoke about the wonderful things about her that developed because of these experiences.

This can be an incredibly challenging place to get to, AND an incredibly powerful one.

So often we tend, as humans, to dwell on times we have been hurt, purposely or not, and the scars on every level that have been left by those hurts. As we repeat those messages inside of ourselves they take on more and more meaning as time goes on, until we sit in a place where those messages and stories are all that we believe ourselves to be. It is only the hardship, only the misunderstood, only the pain, and we miss all the nuggets of gold that our Soul turns those moments into. Our habit mind, that part of us that is also responsible for keeping us safe in this life, uses those hardships to give us a container so that we will always know how things will be. Too often that container that our ego believes is keeping us safe, also becomes the tiny little box we live in.

I myself have spent years evaluating who and how I am as a result of certain situations in my life. My father has not always been a kind man, but he also taught me to work hard, to be responsible for myself and not expect anyone to take care of me… he truly is the reason I survived as a single Mom. By teaching me I only had myself to blame for whatever was happening, I learned to be capable and competent, to work hard, to earn for myself and be resourceful and responsible. Was the lesson always kind?? Absolutely not, but it served me well in my later life. What I learned from that is that, left to my own devices, I am very clear on what is needed, what is wanted, and that I can take care of myself, and I have, and took care of a child and a home to boot. Thanks Dad!

My client had similar feelings with her own parents, and also her spouse. Through her own process work, she came to recognize the good things she developed and where they have served her in her life as a woman. She now knows her value, that she is loving, compassionate, a good listener and the list goes on. She knows these things about herself because she has worked to develop them because she DIDN’T have them growing up. Our Soul in its infinite wisdom knows how to turn lead into gold, it is the ultimate alchemist. The trick is to allow ourselves to see us as more than our wounds, more than our stories, more than how we have been treated by others, so that we can find the gold in our life experiences. That gold is the view of our Soul. That wise part of us that always knows there is a purpose, always seeks our Light and our alignment, that uses every moment of our life experience to get us closer to the Divine vibration we truly are.

Our nuggets of gold are our Souls way of giving method to the madness that sometimes is life.

In this time of evolution your Soul wants you to connect to the golden nuggets. Those moments in your life you can see what you have taken away from an experience that was perhaps less than desirable, but you my badass friend, turned it into GOLD.

Forever the journey, Anne

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