No Such Thing as Opposite

“I feel torn – like there are two sides of me”, she said, wringing her hands in her lap, “on one hand I feel like it’s the best thing that could happen to me, and I’m excited for what can come. But on the other hand, I love what I do and am sad to leave it.”

Not abnormal at all, especially lately, and it’s on purpose.

Has anyone else noticed all of the seemingly opposite emotions that are running together lately?

In September, I left my home of 25 years. Closing the door for the last time was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Marriage, divorce, raising my son, starting a new practice, boyfriends, new husband, ups, downs, and turnarounds happened in that house. All of me grieved her as I have been preparing to leave, and at the exact same time as my grief, such incredible gratitude for her and everything she has been to me for over 25 years; shelter, sanctuary, healing space, celebration central, respite, all of it. These emotions were not opposite but ran right next to each other. Grief and sorrow, right next to gratitude and thanks.

In my driveway, I talked to a good friend who also has a son in the military. We talked about how as moms we didn’t want this life, how we worry and fret for them as they’re not only far away, but can’t just pick up and come home whenever they want to like people with regular jobs. Right next to that worry and not liking being drug along into a military lifestyle runs such deep and immense pride in our sons for being people who are willing to commit themselves and their lives to service. They get up every day and live a life most people would never even consider, and with that comes incredible pride in them, and for them. Dislike and worry are right next to incredible pride.

My client is experiencing her transition in life similarly in that there are all of these seemingly opposite emotions running right next to each other.

There is a purpose to this, my friends. There are reasons we are feeling these seemingly oppositional forces coming together. We are coming together.

Vibration is shifting and we are shifting along with it. The places of division within us are dissolving and with that, the lines that our ego mind has taken comfort in, are dissolving as well. The perception of “opposite” is dying within us and making way for spaces of true wholeness and fulfillment. It’s a magical time!!!

Our ego makes us believe we must leave one emotion or feeling in order to run clear across the country, or at least our body, to reach another. It’s never been true and the falseness of this is dwindling. Thank heavens. We are whole beings and our wholeness is being highlighted by Spirit right now. Whew!

Notice what you notice. Notice where perhaps in the past you would feel divided by your emotions and notice your body not being willing to respond to those opposites in the same way. It just won’t invest in the struggle…because there isn’t one.  Our ego only convinced us there was.

Our wholeness is being brought forward for us to recognize and experience the changes. Our bodies will lead us. Notice yourself feeling less torn and more connected.

Be in that wholeness.

Forever the journey, Anne

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