More Than Just a Feeling

She was a fantastic woman; beautiful inside and out, extremely well educated, successful in every right, she had a ton going for her. Except her feeling of being completely stuck in life and having absolutely no idea of which way to go or what to do.

Been there, done that. I’m sure many of you have as well. But I know each time we hit this space, there is a lesson asking to be learned.

As we worked together, her Guides were very clear in the fact this wonderful creative creature had been conditioned out of her greatest gift, and her Soul was tired of living with half its human missing. You see, through no one’s fault, she had been raised to believe the only way to survive life and get ahead was to use your head. “Figure it out”. We’ve all heard the phrase a million times, and I’m pretty sure I am not exaggerating on that number. Many of us were taught to “figure it out”. No matter what we were talking about, our mental gifts were the only things we were told were important. I too was taught to“use your head, as though my logical brain was the only possible way to navigate life.

But what if you’re not hardwired that way?  What if your greatest gift in navigating life was to listen to your body; the nudge, the gut, the sense, the push, the pull, the vibe, the willies, chills, you know what I’m talking about. You know…your intuition.

Many of us were conditioned out of using our intuition; by our parents, friends, religions, etc. So as time went on, we disconnected from that innate gift; our body’s ability to provide us with accurate information.  You see, your body’s wisdom, when clear of what is conditioned emotion and what is true clarity, is how we are honestly designed to operate. Babies don’t have the maturity to “figure it out” but they possess an amazing ability to get what they need without questioning whether or not they need it!  How do little kids know to bring a blanket and snuggle when you’re down, or lay next to a friend when they’re sad?  They just listen inside of themselves. They go and do as their body tells them and it never occurs to them that their body would not know what they needed.

As this woman was conditioned to “figure it out”  in her life, her options were narrowing. She had been taught her feelings as a child were not important, so she, as many of us do, learned to ignore them. As children, we are told what to do and how and when to do it by our families. So, when our intuition says, “this macaroni stuff with cheese sauce is amazing! I just want to rub it everywhere!” our parents grab a washcloth and wipe it off faster than we can put it on, and scold us the entire time. “This puddle feels amazing on my feet, imagine what it would feel like on my WHOLE BODY!” Our parents say, “get out of that puddle, it’s muddy and dirty and gross!” When our intuition says, “I’m going to color this way, damn the lines!”, our parents said, “you need to color INSIDE the lines in order for it to be pretty”. Our minds are conditional, they will repeat what they already know, so everything from what you eat Tuesday night for dinner, to what your employment options are, becomes habitual, which means over time, it narrows, and narrows and well – you get it.

So, this is how she was directed to me.

Not only was our session about letting her know how her Soul needed her to reconnect to her body wisdom and pretty much wasn’t going to allow her to keep going forward until she did, but it was the “how to’s” of that information. How she got to this point, and how to turn it around. Sure, by the end we were talking about, and getting guidance on where she was going to live, and with whom, and etc. More importantly, she realized a huge part of what had been missing in her life for years – her work, relationships, self-esteem…it was her true self. Her truth as a person who was hardwired to be acutely aware of the messages her body held, and to follow without question.

We are all an intuitive body, and so we are all asked to pay attention to ourselves and the amazing intuition rich bodies we came here in. Stop. Breathe. Listen. Your truth is within you.

It truly is more than just a feeling.

Forever the journey,

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