Love in the New Pattern

As he talked about her, I could tell he was super attached to the idea that she needed him. “I have to do this, I have to do that” “she can’t,” , etc. As he continued the stories of where he had to be there for her, take care of her, tell her what to do, and went on and on and on. He shared all of the perspectives on what she doesn’t see, and she doesn’t realize and she doesn’t even know…we humans, we’re a funny breed.


“Wow, it must be really hard to be with someone who is so useless and weak,” I said.


He stopped. He was silent and stared at me. “ I never said that,” he almost whispered. 


So we began the process of walking around his verbiage and as we did so, we stepped closer and closer to the centerpiece of what was really deep inside of him, his fear-mind’s need to see himself as the strong, capable one. She had to be less so his mind can perceive itself as safe as the better half.  


Folks, we all have one. It’s not just him. We all have stories our fear-mind tells us so it can maintain its perspective that if the tiger comes to hunt, we will be the one who survives.  So, we see others as less than, so our fear-mind can believe we will be the one who can run faster, and know more instinctively how to avoid being eaten. At our psyche’s core, we haven’t evolved all that far. 


Then his Spirit began to speak and peel back layers for us. Love in the new pattern. In this time of incredible evolution Spirit is asking us to leave the old stories, the old patterns, the old fears behind. Love in the new pattern, this new vibration we’re growing into let’s us see the beauty, the strength and everything in those around us. 


It’s easy to see Light in people we don’t hold any vulnerability with. They have no bearing on our safety. When people love into a community organization, into a friend or neighbor, that’s beautiful. This new love pattern is about facing our own inner vulnerabilities by allowing those that we love the most, who can sometimes hurt us the deepest, to be our equals. To hold space right next to us. To, in the eyes of the psyche, run just as fast and just as smart as we do. When we face that deep inner fear with the new love pattern, we truly desire the best in others, we truly celebrate them in their truth and beauty and honesty and talents, not because it benefits us in some way (there is the old pattern) but because it is their true Light shining bright in this world. 


To see the ones we are most vulnerable to soaring, ignites an inner fear that they will move past us, we won’t fit for them anymore, and once again, we’ll be left in the jungle alone to be eaten.  


Love in the new pattern accepts them in everything they are; their success, their perceived failings, their struggles and their joy. It all is. There is no need for judgment of what it is. 


Love in the new pattern says, “look at you over there, not me, doing that thing you’re doing”.  That is. And, it is from a place that does not make us question what happens to us.  


This, my friends, is true love. Love that allows others to be who and what they are without igniting our fears of what that might mean for us. Our spouses, our kids, our family of origin, the ones closest to us are the ones we often hold the most fixed in our inner perception of who and what they are. It is just our fear-mind, there is no further need to take it so seriously. 


We are love. We have been birthed by Spirit, evolved if you will, into a new vibration rich with new perspectives, new availability and new patterns that serve our greatness and wellbeing.


It is time for us to love, in the new pattern.


Forever the journey,

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