Listening Inside

I am one of those people that for the most part avoids my phone on the weekends. It’s a boundary, personal life thing. We all need time for ourselves, family, friends, etc. and to set work aside. 

This story was an occasion when in passing, I looked down and saw a text message from a client and decided to check it out. Call it women’s intuition. 

Her pet, specifically her cat, who has been with her through thick and thin, a marriage, a divorce, another marriage, children, lots and lots of life spent together.  The little fur baby was one of the family, and she was really really sick. My client was devastated. 

I know plenty of you, and most of the family I come from, thinks of animals as just that, animals. However, I know many of you, and myself included, feel like pets, can be as meaningful as humans. Individual perspectives, to each their own. 

“What should I do?” the text asked. “Is it time to let her go?”

The Guides were immediate. “She needs to look her Beauty in the eyes, and listen inside of herself. The truth is there for both of them.” 

I passed on the message.

A few minutes later, “but should I put her down?”

I did a quick check in with the fur baby herself. “I’m so tired. I just want to go to sleep. I’m just exhausted. They’ll be fine. She’s been so good to me, but I’m so tired”.  She wanted to go. 

“Go back to my previous text,” I said back. 

Time passed in between each text…precious time. 

About an hour later, I was back in my work gloves taking winter frames of the windows in the screened room and taking a break to grab some water when my watch buzzed on my wrist. 

It was over.  My client had listened to her fur baby, deep inside her heart, she heard her speak. 

Being a good pet parent is a tough gig! There is a fairly good chance you’ll live long enough to put your pet down, or watch them pass. It’s hard. These are beloved energy balancing, intuitive, loving, nurturing, healing gifts in our world. We love them deeply, and we should. Pets do so much for our wellbeing. They are sacred gifts to our world, our families, and when they leave it’s hard and hurtful. The gift of knowing when the time is right to let go is also precious. 

It’s hard to let go, but we love deeply so we do what’s right for them and put ourselves second. 

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of animals; lost, found, sick, young, old, you name it. People love their critters, and those fur friends return that love and percentages more without any hesitation or question or holding back. They are pure love.

I complimented my client on her wisdom and strength in letting her pet go. She had listened and heard her cat’s request, and responded with the respect her long term friend deserved.

She was at peace with the choice because she was able to listen deep inside herself and knew she had done the right thing. 

Forever the journey,

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