Learning Self Love – Letting It Flow

What I have totally loved noticing lately is the number of men who are practicing the art of self-love.

I have occasionally seen, through observing men in my life and through men sharing their own mixed feelings about themselves, that men too, struggle with self-love. As a woman, for years I believed learning to love myself was a women’s plague. One that men were someone immune from – sorry, gentlemen.

During a recent session, my client and I were talking about loving from his heart. Per usual, I believed Spirit was talking about the heart of the fourth chakra, but no.  The Guides spoke of this time of change.

“Love of self comes from the high heart, not the middle heart (fourth chakra). Spirit stated. At this time we ask you to connect to the depth of your own true love of self. Only through true self-love, can you love others.”

As they introduced us to their message they took us into a space of the high heart, this space about our clavicles, that is the vibration of the 11th chakra.  The energy center of self-love.

In our LampLighter session, earlier Spirit brought us into the vibration of awareness of opening our high heart. When we soften into our love of self, that self-love flows gently but purposefully downward into our fourth chakra heart.

Once we experience self-love, our love of all (fourth chakra) flows effortlessly and easily without a need for protection or reservation. We are love.

My client did a slight sign at the message of self-love. “ I know I’m a good person, but self-love always makes me a little squeamish. It sounds so egotistical to say I love myself”.  He talked about always being told that being a good man meant being selfless, and humble, watching out for others, taking care of his family, and providing the best for them.  He had been taught to believe that focusing on his own value was egotistical and that he should be ashamed of himself, and so he was.

His Spirit spoke, “To be in the vibration of flowing love, you must love yourself. To deny yourself your own love only leads to a limitation in how you bring love to others. To love them, you must allow us to flow love into and through you. We ask you to see yourself as worthy of our love for there is nothing else but love that we bring to you. We are love, so you are love, so you flow love to others”.

“I can try that,” he spoke softly. “I can let my Spirit love me and I can learn to let myself love me without shame.  I deserve to love myself”.

Yes, you do. We all do.  We are truly all on this journey to learn self-love without reservation. Open your high heart, and let it flow.

Forever the journey, Anne

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