Keep Your Cooties Off Me

While working with a client a while back, Spirit delivered a message I knew, but seemed so much more poignant at this time. It was a message about energy and attachment.

Negativity is everywhere, and I mean everywhere right now. Normally kind, generous people are turning into monsters before my eyes. I find myself getting heated about things I typically couldn’t give a crap about and the media. Well, let’s not even go there.

Negativity is surrounding us. When we allow ourselves to be on the same vibrational level as the energy, there is no getting out with out something attaching to us.

What do I mean by this? Well, we need to go back to Spirit’s message about energy and attachment. I think by now we all have an idea about attachment – the state of being that is totally invested in either everybody’s everything, or perhaps just specific people’s everything. But let’s be clear, it isn’t our everything that we’re focused on. Attachment creates a lot of things, most of them not so healthy and this particular lesson was no exception. To say we’re attached to something means we care about something, someone, or an issue to the level we care – simply by telling ourselves not to care, or that we shouldn’t care. This often involves thinking our caring is THE caring that should be followed or recognized. We care. In fact, we over care.
So, there is a bit about attachment.

A year or so ago I took a class on Mayan Spiritual healing in Belize. Outside of having the first few days of walking to class on jungle trails in the rain, it was an amazing experience. Eventually the sun came out and we learned about cords, energy, and attachments in an environment most people would dream of and from people who have literally written the books on such things. So, here’s the dig. When we think of someone, good thoughts or bad thoughts, we are extending our energy to that person. When someone is thinking of us, same thing – their energy is extending to us. This is why you can think of someone and they call you, and cool stuff like that. While it works for the super sweet “we’re all connected, isn’t that beautiful” it also works in a “hey, keep your dirty hands off me” way.

When we share a vibrational level with the thoughts coming at us, they have the greatest impact. In positive cases, these positive thoughts can have a positive effect as in the case with prayer circles, or sending good energy kind of positive intentions to others. Nothing says “I’m on your side” like thinking happy thoughts to and for someone else. However, it works to the negative side as well. When we’re in a lessened, sad, depressed, defeated, depleted space, it’s easier for negative thoughts and feelings to have a more powerful influence on us. Even the planetary alignments can cause certain availabilities to be stronger. But the planets don’t have an ego attachment. That, my friends, is where humans come in. A negative thought from someone can have a negative pull on our energy field, even if we’re not physically with that person or are not thinking of them in return. Equally, when we are in a negative space inside of our heads, we can and do have a negative impact on those that we are thinking and feeling about, including ourselves. This is where “what you focus on expands” comes in.

I know we all believe we’re well intended. We really do care. But we need to check ourselves; do we care from a place of “give them what they need to walk this journey, and hold them in your light dear Spirit” or is it more of a “can you please help them realize that they should do it my way and with what I want, instead of what they want, please. I just want them to be happy.”? Aka: I want what I want so that I can be happy getting what I want, and I want my happiness to come to me through that person’s life as well as my own”. Mother of mercy!! We do it all the time. yes, even when we think we’re not. That is why I say, “check yourself”. Your ego will convince you that you are well intended and you’re not having a negative impact. Here is the truth. If you’re thinking/feeling/wishing it for someone else, you’re getting your cooties in their stuff.

Does this mean we shouldn’t care? Heck no! But truly care about them. Pray, intend, think, feel for what is best for them in their life, not what you want so you stay comfortable or get what you want from their life. This was the case with said client. She didn’t understand why it wasn’t ok to be praying for God to not let her son get into a college out of state because she didn’t want him leaving for out of state. She really believed she was in the right, and to the point she had herself convinced staying in their home state, close enough to live at home while he went to college, was what was best for him. This kid worked his tail off to earn exemplary grades, is involved in his community, is Mr. amazingly well-rounded in order to get into a specific college that was one of the best in the country in his chosen major – out of state. I can’t make this stuff up.

Reality check: if right this second you are reading the last paragraph and you see nothing wrong with her prayer intentions, I want you to very firmly smack your palm to your forehead.

We’ll wait.

When others have thoughts and feelings about us, or us about others, we are indeed sending energetic cords to connect to these people. These cords, if matched by receiving energy (as if to say, you’re on the same vibration as the energy being delivered,) can and will have an impact on you mentally, emotionally, physically, because it comes energetically.

Two things: First, a daily practice of prayer, meditation, focused breathing, mindfulness, being in the present moment, call it what you will, will help you clean yourself off and maintain your unique vibration. In turn, this will make you less available to other vibrations and cords of attachment. Yay, you! Certainly, you can do a daily clearing practice, and that will help too, but even just a daily practice of conscious breathing will help you stay out of the mud.

Second, stop it already! Get control of yourself! I typically see kind, loving, well intended people turning into energy creeps. Can you please just practice trusting the Universe to deal with the vast majority of what we spend our time worrying about? I’m not telling you to not get active. You want the kind of world you want. Do something about it. But, make it something positive. Mother Teresa said, “don’t invite me to an anti-war rally. I won’t come. If you host a peace rally, I’ll stand in the front row”. Be pro, not con.

Focus, focus, focus.

Pay attention to your intention. Are you moving, speaking, thinking, feeling in favor of what you want, or are you focused on what you don’t want or are afraid of? Standing on the side of anger and fear makes you angry and afraid. Get out of there!
I’m not saying if your loved one is dying of a disease you shouldn’t be afraid. This is normal and we can only do so much to defy our humanness sometimes. But the great majority of the time, we are not afraid of losing someone we love, we’re afraid we won’t get our way, we’re afraid the other side will win, we’re afraid because we’re focusing on our loss and our fear instead of what is right and good in our world. We get caught in a tension of us vs. them. Folks, at the end of the day we’re in this show together. If it smells bad, it’s on each one of us. It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal agenda for our kids or our world. We can make a positive difference. It’s not about always having to agree but disagreeing is not the same as disrespecting. Again, be pro and leave the con along the roadside somewhere in a ditch, please. Negative begets negative, it doesn’t matter what we’re talking about. Politics, health, religion, faith, vibration of humanity, what our kids do and don’t do, puppies, and kitties. All of it is affected by the downward pull if we’re in a place of downward pull. Cut the cords of those who drag you down. As Wayne Dyers said, “what others think of me is none of my business”. What he didn’t tell us though is their thoughts can affect our business. The truth is our thoughts affect our business too!

When we sit in a negative thought or feeling space, we’re having a negative effect on ourselves as well. You can’t hold the rope of an issue or a person you’re mad at and not have your arm get tired. Once you give that energy away, you can’t get it back. Do you want your energy all tied up in someone else, or would you like it to play with yourself? For me, I try to keep mine and its flow focused on me. I’m old, energy is a hot commodity for me anyway, I need to pay attention. Am I flawless? Heck no.

A year plus ago my son came to me and told me he wanted to join the Navy. I asked him to give it six months, so he was sure that was really what he wanted. I walked away and got in my car to leave for the weekend and cried for three days. Yep – attachment!!! He’s my one and only child! His Dad and I stood next to each other last week and watched him swear into the US Navy and the kid’s excitement was so overwhelming I couldn’t help but be happy for him. What did I learn this past year as he’s been working towards this? That I am his Momma and nobody in the world loves him like I do. What else have I learned? This is his life, I have my life, and while we’re in each other’s and our own, I have no idea what he needs to do or experience in order to become the person Source sent him here to be. My job is to stand back and support him in his discovery process. I had to learn to cut my cords so he could do and go where he wants and needs and follow his Spirit. We have freedom. He can be himself, and I get to be myself, and I get to still love him like nobody else does, with open arms, and an open heart and prayers for Spirit to guide and guard him on his journey.

It’s all a practice for sure. We say and do the right things most of the time. We focus on what we want instead of what we don’t. We send good thoughts and feelings to those we care about, and we turn around and head the other way when confronted with people and things that aren’t good for us. Now, let’s practice building awareness in the spaces that we’re still growing into.

Energy is energy is energy. The energy does not have an attachment. We have attachments. Remove the hooks, hold your own space, and let’s send a little love out there.

Blessings Galore, Anne

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