It’s the little things that get me excited

So, I’m working from the cabin this week. Which I totally love. I love getting up in the morning seeing the pine trees outside my window, the snow drifted across the yard, the lake covered in snow, flat and tundra like. I love it. I truly love walking into the kitchen, the smell of fresh ground coffee, the yum of real milk. Mmmmmmm. The first sip is the best, until the last one, that ones great too. oh, and all those in between. I go to my schedule to see what’s up for my day and get happy with the client names I recognize, “I love that person”, I think out loud, and excited too for the ones I don’t. New is good!! As the day goes on, I drink water, I snack, I stretch, I sit again. Many times, I turn on some Cuban music and I dance while I make tea. Am I a dancer? Heck no. in my house, nobody sees me, so I can dance like a Latina star in my own mind!! A little delusion is ok sometimes. Lol
after work I’m totally ready for my walk, down the gravel road, watching the sky turn colors as the sun heads towards the horizon. Gorgeous. Home cooked meal, fresh baked by me bread, and maybe a glass of wine. The whole day is one big yum. I love the quiet here when I crawl in bed, no traffic noise, just absolute silence. Its almost deafening at first, as my mind starts to calm down and relax. I drift with the noises of the house, the heat kicking in and out, the refrigerator running on occasion, occasionally now in the winter, the headlights reflected on the wall as an ice fisherman drives off the lake after dark. The fist must be done biting. The usual. Nothing super significant. Nothing earthshattering. I didn’t make a million dollar deal today. I didn’t write a best seller. I wasn’t on Oprah. I didn’t find the cure for cancer. There was nothing really big, but for me, it never takes anything really big. I absolutely love the little things. Each and every one of them. I think about how much I have in my life: my husband, my son, warm homes, safe cars, family, friends, a solid practice, access to real food, and clean water, warm clothes to brave this Minnesota winter. Nothing fancy, but so much more than so many other people. i am blessed, and I am grateful.

Next week, I’ll be back at home. in town, in the traffic, running faster, busier, going constantly. I love that life too. stores are handy, everything is conveniently located, clients will show up in person, my son will have great stories about school and work. we’ll hang with friends and get caught up on stuff around the house. I’ll plan events, get ready for classes, write when I can make the time. it’s all very good, and very mine.

For now, though, it’s getting late, and I’ve got time to soak in the bath for a bit, then off to bed. I love baths.

It’s the little things that get me excited.

Like sleep