Is Love A Second Hand Emotion?

30 minute session

“What’s love got to do with it” ~  Tina Turner.

Sorry to date myself on the music, but is love really just a second-hand emotion? A sweet old-fashioned notion?

I think not.

Welcome everyone, to February!  The month of love, and cards and candy and pink hearts everywhere.  It’s great, isn’t it?  Well, mostly.
We really put a lot of emphasis on love, don’t we?  As a woman, I swear from the time I was old enough to know I was a girl, and those other things were boys, and we were different somehow, I was receiving the messages about finding “the right one”, and that I had a job to do in attracting those boy things, and making them want to be with me, because having one made me worth more.

Now, I wasn’t raised to think I was a big deal. I was raised in a traditional style home that made men powerful and women weak, and that’s just the way it is.
I hear you, what on earth were those people thinking??!!
Honestly, they weren’t.  They were doing what their parents did, and their parents before them did, and so on and so forth.  It was the “not thinking” that really was an issue.  Going along, to get along, was much of the upbringing for many of us.  As little people, it’s the first rule we learn.  Whatever the familial unit says, whether directly or indirectly, is the way it is.

It’s how we survive.

Nothing breaks my heart more than when I work with someone trying to move through their old family stories, and they are so sure that they are the ones who “should’ve known better”.  STOP RIGHT THERE! No child trying to figure out how to survive in the world “knows better”.  They’re children. And as children, we naturally accept and adopt what the powers that be, tell us, show us, teach us, and then we go live it out in the world.  Then, God willing, at some point in life, we hit a space where those old stories don’t fit anymore.  We find ourselves really uncomfortable, and we wake up to our Soul’s truth that “how it is” really isn’t, at least not for us.  We begin to grow all over again, and just like the first time, growing comes with growing pains.  We stretch, we outgrow things, and people, and jobs, and relationships, and so we often find ourselves looking for things that fit us better.  It’s uncomfortable, but it’s still good.  It’s what we’re designed for.
Spirit didn’t send us here to stay the same.

We’re not designed to maintain the status quo.

We were sent here to be the change we wish to see. To move, to grow and to recognize there is more ahead, and keep allowing ourselves to repeat the process, over and over again.  Love is the piece of us, our true selves, that we unravel and expose and get to bring forth, through all that realization and growth.  Love is not just what we do,its who and what we are in our essence.  The more we allow growth, shifting, change (because let’s face it, we can’t NOT change) the more we get closer to LOVE (Let Out Vibrational Energy).  The more we open up to allow our authentic self to come forward, to express him/herself, the stronger our vibration becomes, and faster we evolve.

Our Soul comes here to evolve!

Our Spirit knows the entire time how absolutely incredible we are and sits back lovingly, the entire time with a lemonade saying, “hey, everybody, watch this, isn’t he/she amazing ”, as we just blossom our way into true honest existence. It’s pretty darn cool, actually. Love is our cheerleader, our inner voice that says, “you’ve got this”, and “keep going”, and “they have no idea what’s inside of you”, and “you’re beautiful”.

Real love is not what is given to us by someone else, it’s about what we hold inside of ourselves that is mirrored in what we can receive and give, with someone else.

You can give it until you have it to give.  We have to learn to hold Love’s presence inside of us, before we can give it away.  If not, we end up empty, and there is never enough to fill us up.  True love is not what you generate from within yourself, it’s the force you were born from and always lives inside of you, and makes the world around you filled with love through you.  Separating from Love is like separating from air.  We can’t live without it, it’s not just what we breathe, it’s in every cell of our being.  LOVE is like that.

So, Happy Valentine’s day.  Enjoy the pink hearts, the chubby cherubs with their bow and arrows and let those little tykes poke you right in your bigol’ heart.

Let all that love flow through you.

Share it with the world.

Then, eat the chocolate!

Blessings Galore,

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