Honoring Our Moments of Together

I’ve always worked to “have it together”. In this, I know without question, I am not alone.

We hear the words in various forms, “get it together”, “pull it together”, and “I’ve got to get it together”. We judge ourselves and sometimes, are genuinely judged by others.

Recently, I was working with a male client who, from what I would believe anyone’s perspective, totally has it together.  He’s a great husband (I know his wife, and she thinks so), a wonderful father (I know his children as well), and an extremely high-ranking executive. For all intents and purposes, he is absolutely killing it in life.

If there is a downside to him, it is his tendency to be really, really hard on himself.

After an experience in his professional life that left him feeling like he got his rear end handed to him, he really got down on himself.

“I need to get it together,”  he said with an almost angry intensity.

I had to laugh. Not at him, but kind of.

His Guides laughed too, so I felt ok about it. Lol

With the support of Spirit, we leaned in.

“Who do you know who has it more “together” than you do?” I asked. It’s a totally fair question. He was being incredibly hard on himself, not because he did anything wrong, but because he had been led by people who themselves were struggling with their own “together”, and projected their discomfort on him because they didn’t know how to own it themselves.

We must be mindful, now more than ever, about our own self-judgments.

As Spirit spoke, they talked about our fearful minds’ tendency to judge harshly, both ourselves and others.

“It’s time to recognize”, they said, “that this is together”.  “You are a journey in becoming. So in that becoming your evolution is a natural process. It is indeed the purpose in your being there” they continued, “move beyond your own judgments and recognize you are never without your together-ness. Each space you occupy is on purpose for your growth. Grow”.


In this time of great shifts and changes, we need to honor where we are without harsh self-judgments. We have outgrown our need to judge ourselves or others, in an unkind way. When we honor ourselves and others as growing evolving beings, we recognize we are always together. Each moment is an opportunity to see ourselves with compassion and that every moment we are just as we should be, therefore together.

In this time, be kind to yourself and to others. Honor the space of others and yourself and recognize your true becoming in each moment.

You’ve got this.

You’ve got it together.

Forever the journey,

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