Growing Pains

“When this served your Soul, it was comfortable. The fact is the pattern is now uncomfortable and is your Soul’s signal your Spiritual being has shifted out of the old pattern and it’s time for your human components to catch up”.  It was a hard truth, but still the truth.

“But he needs me”. She retorted.

“No,” I replied, “your old pattern needs you to believe that he needs you. He’s a grown man, he doesn’t need you.”

Another hard truth, that’s still true.

It’s tough sometimes having to be the bearer of bad news. Seriously, I don’t love being the person who has to explain to my clients that what they think and feel is a lie their habitual mind is telling them is the truth about their un-serving habits and belief systems. It doesn’t always go over well. Sometimes people just don’t hear me, and that to me is just a sign of where they’re at right now. It’s not a judgment, it’s just a signal.

When our habitual behaviors are still serving us, we don’t experience discomfort, we’re just living life as we are. However, when the Soul wakes up to a dynamic, an opportunity for growth occurs and our Spirit self transmutes the old values for the limiting beliefs, their correlating emotions and thought patterns. Now, the habitual self repeats the pattern but there is discomfort; we don’t get the same results, we don’t feel the same emotions, the old pattern doesn’t sussasiate us anymore. We’ve changed, and our human component  now feels the pinch in order to get us to recognize the parts that may need our consciousness, and catch up to our Spiritual shift.

Enter in the current state of the Cosmos.

We are in a place Cosmically of great change. Our Spirits are shifting and changing, opening up and calling to our Soul’s to evolve and grow. It’s just plain uncomfortable.

Relationships are changing by the day. We are changing by the moment. People are reevaluating every aspect of their lives: their values, their beliefs, what they think and how they feel. Our consciousness is processing the dynamics that Spirit is asking us to bring awareness to. The vast majority of the current changes are taking place without any conscious knowledge to us at all, so thank your unconscious mind for doing the lion’s share of the work.

Thank you, unconscious mind!

The fact of the matter is – it’s time to dig deep. Spirit is asking us to pair down and rid ourselves of what truly no longer serves us in our growth and evolution. We are being asked and nudged (through discomfort) to acknowledge where we are off balance and our internal buoyancy is seeking equilibrium.

Be attentive to yourself and where in your life, your mind, your emotions may be creating discomfort. Your Spirit is speaking to you. Lean in, pay attention and be willing to grow.

Forever the journey,

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