Finding My Place of Peace

Life has been busy as of late; work projects, cabin projects, aging parent stuff, adult children stuff, getting the harvest picked and packed and tucked in for the winter all while working full time. So, I’m stressed.

I don’t know about you, but when I get stressed my mind races! Like, think a hundred  squirrels trapped in a cage racing to find freedom, kind of races. Years ago I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. I’m not a fan of diagnosis in many cases, and this one was no exception. I first tried medication and failed miserably. In time, I found what seems to work the best for me to get back in my body is a combination of meditation and movement. Indoors it’s mindful breathing combined with yoga so that I can be completely in tune with my breath and my body. 

Without question though, my body’s preference is to be outdoors. I am known to be at the park hiking in subzero temperatures because stress does not take a winter break, so neither do I. Fall is however, my favorite time of year, so being in nature hiking is beyond nurturing to me. I love the woods, and I have a weird curiosity about every trail I’ve been on. I have a hard time turning around before the end as I’m always sure I’m missing something by not continuing to find out what the woods has to offer.

On this particular day I had been driving home from Duluth on my way back to the cabin which took me down some gorgeous fall highways and byways, but also created two and a half hours of driving. My mind wandered while I drove…not necessarily a good thing.  I thought about work, family, conversations with my son, my husband, clients, my accountant, a presentation I have coming up, and on and on and on. 

Sometimes Spirit sends me signs – like big brown state hiking trail road signs, kind of signs! Thank you! I pull in, park, grab my water bottle and off I go. As the saying goes, “Into the woods I go, to lose my mind, and find my Soul”.  While it was getting close to dusk I knew I needed to move my body, and be in nature.  Literally 20 minutes later, I was a new, better version of myself.  

I climbed back in my car, a smile on my face, a song in my heart, and a mind. Well, that was clear and calm.  

Mind lost, soul found.

Forever the journey,

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