Find Joy, in Joy

“The practice,” her Spirit said, “is finding Joy, in joy”.



Her entire career she’s worked in being of good service to others, and she was dynamite at it.

Detailed, professional, determined, super organized, great communicator, clear and objective, goal-focused, kind, compassionate, patient, and caring. She is and was a professional, outstanding. With all that said, there wasn’t a lot of room for joy for the sake of joy. Everything had a specific outcome or goal, her every move was dictated by what needed to happen and get done in order for someone else, or the project as a whole, to move forward. There was a purpose to everything…and now, retired from a great career, there was no purpose.

Huh, that’s strange. I think those of us who are still working in our careers often believe that once we retire there will be nothing but fun and adventure and giggling and running in circles like children until we fall down punched drunk silly dizzy.

We might be in for a surprise.

Purpose, the thing we talk about endlessly and oftentimes can seem to evade us, or if we’re lucky we fall into a life that fits us perfectly, and then never really wonders if there is a meaning behind what we’re doing. Or some other variation of the decades most of us spend in our career life wanting to feel like we’re making some difference in the world.

So, this beautiful human is in that space of “what is my purpose NOW?”.

To this, her Spirit spoke.  “You need to find the joy, in joy.”

They went on to talk about how she has always had a sense of purpose by being good at her career and paving a way for others. Now, at this point, she didn’t know how to experience joy, for the sake of joy. She wasn’t practiced in feeling good about something, or nothing, just because she felt good. On her way to her next purpose, she needed to discover that feeling good was simply meant to feel good. That joy was simply for the experience of it.

Oh my goodness! So often this is true!  We become so attached to an outcome, a goal, there is a point to what we’re doing, a method to the madness, that we begin to believe we have a purpose.  But, in that, we miss that joy, which is for the experience of joy. What feels good has no point or purpose beyond it feeling good for us.

Abraham Hicks speaks to this beautifully.  “I am creating for the joy of being creative. I am a creative being having the joy of being creative. It’s not what we do, it’s what we ARE.”

Let’s all remember, whether retired, a stay-at-home spouse, career person, uniquely abled, whatever. Let’s remember together to experience joy from our moment to moment, just for the sake of joy. No agenda. Just joy. Let’s remember together, and then let’s talk to each other about the greatness of feeling joyful simply for the sake of feeling joy! Let’s have those conversations!

Where are you open to joy for the sake of joy? What do you “be” in simply because it feels good for you, in you?

Ask. And then, notice the simplicity of joy.

Forever the journey, Anne

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