Feeling Into Our Feelings

Let me tell you one thing I’ve learned throughout my years working with clients.  When the same things come up multiple times, it’s a signal from Spirit for me to dig into that thing. As a bodyworker, I would notice when the same ailments came up in people, four people with rotator cuff surgery in two weeks, three people with diabetes in one week, etc. I learned years ago to pay attention to my clients as a communication tool that Spirit would use to get my attention to learn more or dig deeper. Now, as a psychic coach, the mechanism is the same; pay attention to the themes.

Lately, there is a huge repetitive theme around emotions coming up in our body without necessarily a basis for them at that moment. It is one thing to have an experience, and then have a feeling about that experience. Take note that the experience can be nothing more than a thought, or a memory that triggers us on an emotional level.

What is interesting is how many people are experiencing emotions that have nothing to do with their current state of being…so, I did what I’ve learned to do…I dug in, or in what has become my usual, I sat and talked to Spirit.

“You are in a time of purging your cellular structure of the emotional patterns that live beyond your memories,” they said. “In this time of releasing your attention (they use that word often instead of where you and I might use the word “work”) must be with your body. How do you feel what you feel?  Not why, but how.  Your body is releasing and so it needs your attention for validation of its feelings. Too often you ask “why do I feel that?” and in doing so the child within you feels defeated and the patterns goes back inside to hide.  This can be no more”.

I never thought of it this way. Every time we ask our emotional body “why am I feeling this way, there is no reason for it”, we are invalidating the depths of our feelings and so driving those very feelings back into our cellular structure. We’re demanding that our inner child justify itself to us!  How very unaware adults of us…

No more.

Do not this time ask your body to justify its feelings to you. In the words that came from Spirit, “Simply say, “ah yes, there was a time for that in my life”. It’s a way of saying “yes that is true ” even if it’s not true right now, without letting the feelings take over, or run amuck, or be driven back down inside our cells to wait for the next time they take the chance and pop up.

It may sound strange but right now do not look for everything in your emotions to be logical or make sense, they may not. But, that doesn’t mean they weren’t valid some time, at some point, somewhere in your life and just taking the chance that maybe…just maybe…this time, they will get the acknowledgment they need.

Forever the journey, Anne

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