Family of Origin, but Not Destination

Tears ran down her cheeks as she spoke at my table about the trials and tribulations of her upbringing. Not in detail, but in general. Deep within her was the strongest desire ever to speak on behalf of herself and so many others whose childhood was less than ideal. In the energy of her right hip and leg existed the strong and powerful push that she couldn’t identify and didn’t know where it belonged. And in her, left a sense of desire and purpose. When we connected with that energy and gave her permission to speak from her Spirit heart her passion came, her story came, and her desire to help herself and others know that there was more ahead for them than what they had experienced in their childhood.

In a recent LampLighter session, we spoke about us being in a time of releasing our perceptions of ourselves from deep within. This is not the space where you think you think about yourself. These are the much deeper spaces where your psyche and habitual mind have developed an attachment to a sense, a feeling, and an experience of you that they are absolutely fixated on reproducing and repeating in every scenario and situation in your life. It’s that deep. Far beyond our consciousness lies our habitual platform where everything we have believed we have known how to accomplish and get done in the world through coping mechanisms, old belief systems and patterns, lies in constant filtering of our current experience. These are the things in this time that we are being asked to release. As the LampLighter counsel speaks of this, it is the time in the tumble, where we are moving out of control we are asked to recognize that there is a Divine destination. The deep habits that formulate how we see ourselves and experience ourselves in everyday life and in any situation; “It’s always a fight”, “I’ve struggled my entire life”, “I’m doing this because I have to,” “I’m doing this for them it has nothing to do with me”. All of these are statements from the habitual part of ourselves, buried deep, that is trying to create a continuous depiction of us in the ways of its familiarity, but not our truth.

As my client spoke through her tears of both release and a purpose, a direct connection was made to knowing what she is meant to be doing and advocating through. She connected with the realization that she is not her past. She recognized that in order to survive in her family she had to adopt certain things as truth and so much of her discomfort, sadness, depression, and anxiety were attached to her Spirit’s wisdom nudging her forward. Her origin was simply not her destination.

With great compassion, Spirit speaks to us in this time of recognizing it is time for us to let go of these old attachments. My office and my personal life have been filled lately with examples of a similar struggle. It is literally everywhere in front of me. Of course, it invites me too to realize where I still hold attachments and where my Spirit is asking me to release myself into my great self. Within each of us, there lives an ever-evolving great self. At this time, I encourage you to make friends with your origin; allow her to walk at your side, yes, but to no longer allow it to be the filter of your future.  Spirit shows it to us in the form of a straight and very narrow channel. It is the realization that when we stay in the channel we eliminate all of the other 99% of the possibilities that exist for us. This is our time to break free of the old channel and give ourselves permission to expand into the realm and wealth of possibilities that exist right alongside us, but are currently outside of our habitual mind’s vision.

Stop, breathe, connect deep inside of yourself and get curious. Ask yourself,  “I recognize this is true, but I wonder what else can be true?“. When we put our unconscious mind to task, it begins to filter all of the other possibilities for us. The LampLighter Spirit spoke of the idea that we were sent here with everything we need and indeed we are. We are fully equipped with an unconscious mind that when asked open-ended questions, will seek the answers until the very end. There’s a reason things hit you at two o’clock in the morning. So, in this time, I invite you to connect into powerful open-ended questions about what else can be true. What more lies surrounding you just outside of your vision and your perception? In this time of releasing what is your great self-becoming?

Every cell of you knows who and where you have been. And, every cell of you is willing and ready to transmute into your greatest becoming.

Forever the journey, Anne

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