Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

I sit at the table for breakfast on the deck. Coffee – check. Yogurt – check. Berries – check. Yellowjacket – shit, I hate those things! There it is, I swear staring at me, to see if I’ll react. I whisper to it, “Please stay away from me, you know I don’t like you.” Three more of his friends show up. Three weeks ago, while pulling wood from the pile to start a campfire, I disturbed a nest and got nailed by two of them. When I see this one, my arm (the point of attack) immediately starts to hurt. It occurs to me at this moment that they seem to be everywhere ever since then.

Clarence sits down to join me for breakfast.

“There’s one,” I say.

“One what?”, he asks.

“A yellowjacket,” I respond, almost a bit annoyed that he’s not seeing what I’m seeing.

“I think they’re gone now since I pressure washed the deck yesterday. I don’t see any.” He says.

I think to myself, “He must be blind. I see them everywhere”.

What we focus on expands. It’s the first law of the Universe. It is how many believe our Universe/s and all they contain continue to grow at a rate this is ever quickening. Not only do we know the Universes are expanding, they are expanding at a rate that is constantly increasing. Why? Some believe it’s because we are watching. We’re paying attention, and like anything else, what we focus on expands, it grows. “That which is similar is drawn to itself” or something close to this is the basis of the Law of Attraction. If we focus on something we get/see/experience more of it.

It sounds great, but here’s the deal. It works for everything. E-v-e-r-y-thing. Literally, everything. If it’s taking up space in your mind or your emotions, it’s expanding. If you combine your mind and your emotions, its growth potential becomes absolutely unmeasurable. It’s a super cool phenomenon when you’re using it to create more of what you desire for yourself. Thousands of books written, movies made, classes and talks presented, groups formed, all around this Law of Attraction. It is incredible and it does work. Energy flows where attention goes, with everything.

But what if you’re getting lots of stuff you don’t want? Like yellowjackets. Same deal, same energies at work. Because the thing we all need to be aware of is that the Universe doesn’t choose for you between what you actually want vs what you’re paying attention/focusing on. The Universe says, “Ok, coming right up!”. It’s a vibrational force, not your Mom who only wants what is best for you. All of the potentials of life is swimming around out there. The level you create from is based on the vibration you hold within yourself. Yes, what you think and feel really does matter! But make no mistake, this incredible field of vibration that holds all possibilities does not sit back and say things like, “oh, I bet he doesn’t really mean that”, or “I’m sure she’s not really trying to send that huge vibrational message out to us to attract more Yellowjackets, I’m pretty sure what she means is no yellowjackets”, or “I know what their vibration is saying to all that is but I’m sure that’s not what they really mean”. Nah. The Universes response is, “your wish is my command” and it means it. It’s not the cool Robin Williams genie, like in the movie Aladdin, who has a conscious about the wishes he’s commanded to deliver. It is the totally non-judgmental Source that says, “Ok – here ya go” and then just does what we ask. It provides what we are paying attention to. Oh, yeah! Reminder: The Universe, like the unconscious mind, because that’s really where we’re creating from, does not, and I repeat does not process terms of negation. That is to say, if you’re focusing on what you don’t want like, “I’m so tired of being in debt, I hate being in debt, debt sucks, no more debt, I don’t want to keep being in debt”, understand all you’re saying to the Universe is, “debt, debt, debt I’m totally focused on debt, I’m totally consumed by debt to the point that I think of nothing else, debt is my whole world”. Your focus, your attention, and accordingly your entire energy field, is focused on debt. Your constant and continual focus on it tells the Universe you are totally absorbed with the concept and practice of it, and that it’s going to give you more and more and more.

Now, let’s say you’re not trying to create more debt. Then, stop thinking of it in negation terms. Try on something like, “I love financial freedom! I love being able to choose where my money is going and how I make it and spend it, I have complete financial stability”. Some may say, “Yes Pollyanna (I’ve been accused of living under a rock and seeing everything through rose-colored glasses), but what if I don’t make enough money to have financial freedom?” I would say you’re helping to create the very problem you profess to not want as part of your life by continuing to state you don’t have enough and are likely following that verbiage up with feelings of suppression and lack.
Here’s the deal. I completely realize there are people living in poverty in my own town and all over this country and world. I’m not stupid. I know there are people who honestly don’t know where their next meal is coming from or where they’re going to sleep tonight. I get it. Those are not the people who are typically in my office or approaching me at gatherings or expos complaining about not getting what they want in life, or about not having enough to do what they want in the world. So, I’m not pretending it’s the same, and I’ll ask that you not pretend either.

What I am saying is for the majority of us who have a place to live and food to eat and clothes on our backs, we need to be clear about what we are asking the Universe for. Be clear – you are, whether intentionally or by accident, creating. Energy flows where attention goes. With that said, perhaps we’d like to stop, go inside ourselves and say a word of love for the people who are truly in poverty.

If you tend to be in the habit of “I don’t want (fill in the blank)”, then let’s take a minute right now to start to change that. Seriously. You probably have your phone with you, or a piece of paper to write on. Write down a list of five things currently in your life you’d rather be without. Go ahead, use the “I don’t want” line. Now, across or below that, for each item you listed, write down what you do want. Example: I don’t want to be in debt = I am in control of my financial situation, or I have complete financial freedom and I love it, or money flows to me and I make great use of it or something on the order of WHAT YOU WANT vs what you don’t want. Get in the habit of asking yourself, “What do I want in this situation?’ and then ask for it. Energy flows towards what you’re paying attention to.

I’m still working on being clear in my intention with the yellowjackets, not gonna lie. I’m trying on thoughts like “You are one of God’s creatures and I’m sure She has a Divine purpose for you, and can you please fulfill it in the woods away from people,” or, “The nature world loves me and wants me well!” . Because this I believe with every fiber of my being. Love and Light, it’s a work in progress.

My husband went on another hunt for the nest. He’s my hero. That said, I’m just going to sit and focus on what a great man he is, and how he tries to keep me safe, and how much I appreciate him.

It works for EVERYTHING.

Namaste, Anne

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