Creative Is a Feeling – We All Have the Ability

I’ve been working with a particular client for some time now. A wonderful woman in transition from work life into retirement.

She is a go getter; brilliant, successful, well respected and well liked, funny, caring, the list goes on. As part of the wisdom being delivered to her over time has been an ongoing conversation about creativity. She has always wanted to have time to paint, do yoga, and other creative pursuits, so in her early retirement she was committed to making time to be creative. Largely, she has.  There is just one “problem” (I use that word only because she used that word, you’ll see what I mean in a minute).  The “problem” is that while she’s trying really hard to make time, and be intentional (meaning she’s asking her Guides daily to help her with her creative practice) she keeps getting all these great business ideas!

She was absolutely distraught! How was she ever going to have time to be creative and get really good at it if she keeps getting distracted by all these great business ideas?!

I laughed. And, I’m not even kidding.

So, we began to have a conversation about creativity in the eyes of Spirit.

Spirit recognizes we are all creative. I’ve said this before and I know there are still some of you who can’t wrap your heads around it because you’re so sure you’re not creative so here it goes one more time: Spirit is creation energy. We are an aspect of Spirit so in turn, we are creation energy; therefore, we have to be creative. There is no separation between creation and us. We have thoughts, ideas, feelings, ah-ha moments – these are all creative.  If I tell you to imagine a purple elephant in a yellow tutu, your mind creates that picture. This is creative.  Creative, as a word just means we are bringing something forth and we’re always bringing something forth. You can make (create) a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or you can create a five-course meal.  Whether someone creates a masterpiece painting, or creates a new look in their kitchen, or creates a system that organizes widgets, its all creative. We’re all creative, we are just creative differently. Creativity is not an artistic talent. Yes, that is one way, but it is not the only way.

I had her do a little exercise to prove my point. We know Spirit is attracted to and receives messages from our feelings. Think “Law of Attraction”.  So, I had her think about how she feels when she is at her easel painting, ‘Oh, I love being at my easel”.  “Yes, but describe the feelings to me” I said, “how does it feel in your body?”

“Soft, free, peaceful, but excited”, and then I asked her to think about how she feels when she thought of her most recent business idea, “free, peaceful…(she paused) and excited!”

Yes! The feelings were essentially the same! In the eyes of Spirit, they are indeed the same thing. Creative is creative. She had been actively intending for a year about having more time to be creative and had in that time, had a multitude of incredible business ideas that she kept feeling she needed to ignore because she was supposed to be being “creative”. She was getting exactly what she was asking for and didn’t realize it!
Spirit was giving her creative new ideas: program ideas, writing ideas, new business endeavors, all creative projects. She kept getting frustrated by the distractions of these ideas even though when I had her stop to consider it further. She had the same feelings about her business ideas as she had about her time becoming a more proficient painter. She loved them!

Creative is creative. Spirit does not care what you do to be creative, whether it’s painting or pottery, quilting or building, designing or writing, organizing or developing a new system or new software, or whatever. Creativity is about the feeling you get inside your belly. It’s about the feeling of excitement, or openness, or freedom or peacefulness or whatever it is for you that lets you know you are doing something you love. A dear friend of mine is a systems expert, as in she can create a systemized approach to get anything and everything done and quickly and efficiently and effectively as humanly possible. She’s a numbers girl. Think Excel spreadsheets. She giggles when she talks numbers! I do not understand it at all, but her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious! She loves numbers and systems because the numbers tell her how good her systems are! It is insane to me!

Spirit loves us, we are Spirit in form, so love is our vibration as well. Follow your feeling.  Maybe you develop a new talent. Maybe you learn a new software. Maybe you clean out a closet.  Follow your feeling.

That is love, and that is creative.

Blessings Galore,

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