Calling All Eclectics

I am a psychic, bodyworker, coach, hypnotherapist, energy healer, NLP and PSYCH K practitioner, and a few more things if I really dig for a list. Thirty years ago,I left my hometown of 800 people and moved to Florida to train as a massage therapist. My father, knowing no one woman who worked doing massage, assumed I was going to become a professional call girl…not kidding. He was relieved to find out halfway through my training that indeed massage therapy was a real thing, it just was not a real thing really in our area.

I have gratitude every single day for the fact that I am able to pay my bills doing what I love. I also acknowledge that in my life, the “what I love” has always been different than most other people.

Conventional is not a word I would use to describe myself or much of my lifestyle.

I was in a session yesterday with a client who is coming to terms with who and what she really is. Another person who is coming into the realization she is not on this planet to do life the way that many others do it. She has lived for decades trying to fit in with an 8-5 job, a husband, doing the right things the right way. This pursuit has left her feeling empty and unfulfilled. So, over the past year we’ve (her Divine guidance system with myself as the voice box) have been introducing her to her truth. She is an eclectic, a creative, unconventional, a weirdo – call it what you will.

Eighty five percent of our world functions in one traditional style; they grow up, go to school, get a good job, keep that good job for decades, and then retire to Boca. It is a really nice life! But sadly, somewhere along the way, people started to believe that is how life is supposed to be done, and that the other 15% didn’t understand what real life required. Eclectic people are often viewed as irresponsible, slackers, lost souls, or immature and discontent, because we do not realize there is a box we were supposed to get in and stay in.

The realization I have come to is simple: I collect these people. My practice and my life are filled with people who don’t do life a conventional way. I hear their stories, I read their books, see their art, attend their functions, donate to their non-profits, spend money at their businesses, follow them on social media, have coffee, drink wine with them, etc. They sit in my office and at my dinner table. My life is filled with eclectic people, and I love them. My greatest joy is helping them uncover themselves and recognize they plainly are not here to do life the regular way, and to help them find acceptance for themselves, and others in that reality.

I love eclectic people! It’s not that I think they’re any better than more conventional people, it’s just that having to do my own work throughout my life in regards to accepting myself as “different” I have special compassion and excitement for them. Chances are quite good if you are sitting there reading this, there is a piece of this that you can identify with… like I said, I collect them.

Helping people recognize their soul’s truth in what they are here to do, to meet their inner artist or creative or healer, to get comfortable with the idea that them doing two or maybe five things for a living instead of one is what lights them up. This lights me up! My joy is surrounding myself with eclectic people with interesting lives and lifestyles, and I know more of you are out there! I know you are sitting in your living room trying to figure out why you don’t feel like you fit. I know you’re at your job wondering why you are not fulfilled, in a relationship trying to be like everyone else. Free yourself!

Spirit sent each of us here to provide a particular vibration, to hold a sacred space in this world. Shine your light my brothers and sisters, this is your time! The world is changing, and we need your visions, creativity, empathic senses, objectivity, ability to sit at the table with people who are like you, but in completely different ways. We need the eclectics, the creatives, the weirdos to step forward and love who they are, to share their gifts, and talents, and light the way for all the others that this world so needs. You may be an eclectic in a business suit or a toga. You may lead from the front desk, or the penthouse suite, or the middle of the backwoods, or the mat or the street. We need you. This world is asking for your gifts and your Light. 

Shine. Please. There is a place for you at the table.

Blessings Galore,


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