Bring Your Amazing

You’re amazing’ they said. “You arrived there innately gifted and fully equipped for your life.”

This dear, incredibly talented woman was once again being gripped by the demon called self-doubt.

The torcher of self-doubt is never far away from many of us. We are all ready to crank life up to the next level and there suddenly in our path to greatness is the often crippling experience of having our very own value for ourselves stripped out from within us. We stop, sometimes never to start or dare again.

On this occasion, it was the intuitive push that was telling this incredible woman it was time to move up into the next stage of her career. It was time to “dream great dreams” her Divine Guidance System said, and she had them. Great dreams, for sure.

But that nasty self-doubt was telling her differently. Doubt was telling her she needed more time on the level she is at. It was telling her she hadn’t been in the business long enough, hadn’t paid enough in dues to move up, that no one knew who she was, and in this business, to succeed you have to know someone.  Self-doubt told her what lots and lots of others had told her before, and that she didn’t have a chance.

Spirit to the rescue.

“You are amazing. You are made up of amazing, you were birthed by the amazing, you are never separate from amazing, you brought your amazing with you…it is automatic. Now go be your amazing. It is already inside of you, you can’t take it off, or wash it out, it is in your makeup, it is you and you are it. You went there with all of your gifts and everything you need…now go. Be that which you were created by. Be amazing.”

This story doesn’t have an ending, it is still in full swing. But, what I can tell you is that two people walked away from a meeting with Spirit that left them both considerably more aware of the obviousness (I don’t know if that is a word, and I don’t even care) of our being here in amazingness (again, probably not a real word).  And, it feels good!

Just for this day, remember your amazing. You were born from amazing, into amazing, by amazing to be amazing. Seriously, you have all of your gifts and everything you need.

Now, go.

Forever the journey, Anne

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