Be the Jones’ In Your Own World

Since I was a child, I have heard people say, “we are all unique, everyone is different”.  I know it’s true, we are all our own genetic make-up. Close to our family, but not identical. We all have our own life experiences that make us see the world, and ourselves in our own unique ways. Our uniqueness is our greatest asset in this world, in my humble opinion. If we are all the same; same thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, practices, we’d still be rolling around in Flintstone cars, eating in the dark.  This world needs everyone.

In 2022, our uniqueness will be celebrated. Not necessarily by our culture, but by Spirit. Our own pure vibration will resonate within the Universe and we will manifest on that vibration like never before. Fast and furious! Faster than ever, we will see the results of our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs and values. What we think, and how we think about it, will show up in front of us at mock speed in this new year. This is the good news, and perhaps, the not so good news. If you are in the habit of “hanging on” to the old, the negative, the hurt, the “who’s fault”, the deprivation and the limitations, you will indeed see those as well…at mock speed.

Spirit loves our uniqueness! It celebrates that we all have our own precise vibration and how we all want different things in different ways and in different places so there is always enough for everyone.

A friend of mine and I were having lunch a while back and she was talking about her desire to sell some property. “I’m selling when everyone else is trying to buy, it makes me wonder if i’m doing the right thing.”

“Of course you are!” I exclaimed, “By selling when others want to buy you win, and so does the next person because now there is space for them to own what you no longer want to own – everyone wins!”

This is how the Universe works. Because we’re all at different places in life, with different wants and needs as one flows out of anything, another one flows in as that is their desire. It’s magical! In our uniqueness we get to follow our desires and experience the abundance of the universe. It works because we don’t all want the same things the same ways at the same times.

Culturally, there is a fair amount of the “me too” club. Keeping up with the Jones’ is for…well, not the Jones’.  Why? Because the Jones’ are always focused on what they themselves desire, not being part of the “me too”, or the “keeping up” crowd. So, the Jones’ always have the latest and greatest because they’re manifesting from their own desires, not someone else’s. Think about it.

So, this year, be willing to be the Jones’ in your own life. No, not to focus on the latest and greatest, but to focus on exactly what you desire. Leave the keeping up for others. Align your desires to your heart and your vibration of receiving and watch what happens. It’s not your job to “keep up”, it’s your job to focus on what it is for you.  What is it that you desire? Are you willing to leave behind the “keeping up” as in the comparison, and the attempts to be like everyone else? This is a year that Spirit is asking for your uniqueness. Your truth, your Spiritual heart to be loud and clear!

Think it, feel it, align to it. Then, stand back and watch it happen.

Forever the journey, Anne

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