All in the Numbers

Greetings, and Happy New Year!

Like many of you, I am pretty ok leaving last year behind…it wasn’t a bad year, it was just a twisty turny didn’t see that coming, year. I’m tired, honestly.

What I already love about 2023 is the energy!

2022 was a year of shift, change, great clarity, and getting to know what is ours and what isn’t.

2023 is a year of collaboration, gathering, coming together, and bringing things together. It’s a year for us to bring the clarity of 2022, our “knowing” if you will, onto the planet. The things we began in 2022, will continue to grow and materialize in 2023. Understand that with this will come more clarity; if you begin by seeing things that are NOT what you had in mind, take the opportunity to course correct.  Abraham Hicks said it best with their many statements around our ability to create whatever we desire, and that when something in our life is not our desire, we can simply shift our energy and manifest what it IS that we desire. It’s so simple! It’s not always easy, but it is simple.

Let’s pause and have a short conversation on manifestation: Mind your vibration, mind your mind. Attend to your thoughts and feelings and focus on alignment throughout your “self”. If what you desire, and how you think and feel with that desire all line-up, you’re good! If not, Spirit will take an opportunity to show you your misalignment. Remember, in the eyes of Spirit, nothing is personal, it’s just either IN or OUT of alignment, it’s just information.

2023 (3 and 7) that all things are fortified by Spirit. Our Spiritual paths will open and expand and show us again, what is ours and what is not.  Be awake and aware!  Be willing to see, recognize and shift accordingly.  Someone, please remind me of this when I get stressed out! This is a year to go in the direction we are called to!  Again, not always easy, but simple.  Spirit will create the space, our job is to remind ourselves that we are constantly in a state of abundance, we are constantly creating our future and that Spirit’s desire is to see our great self come forward in that abundance.  Get it, no deprivation is required.  Deprivation is a mindset, not a reality.  Read that again…deprivation is a mindset, not a reality.

From this place of Spirit fortified fulfillment, all things are possible!


I am excited to have you on this journey with me. Feel free to reach out and connect as you desire. I love to hear from you even if it’s a simple, “wow. That really hit me”, or even “Anne, I think you’re out to lunch, but I appreciate you”.

We are on this journey of life together, Lord only knows we need love and support.  This year, expect both. Spirit is fueling our hearts and desires and creating pathways, comradery and gathering are in the vibrational energies, folks, we can do it!

Now, let’s go do it.

Forever the journey, Anne

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