All in the Balance

Ever notice how much easier it is to give than to receive? And no, I am not just speaking to the women here.

From the time we are born many of us are conditioned to believe that giving is the best answer to anything and everything. I don’t want to diminish the tremendous impact giving has on us and our society, but I do want to introduce a concept that we may be missing in the midst of our comfort in giving.

Sit down…

Good. Thank you.

Giving, my friends, is an act of control.

Let that sink in.

Giving is an act of control.  In energy, giving is masculine energy, outward, external, driving, and directing. When we give, we get to control a situation, we get to direct an outcome, we get to drive others’ impression of us, create an impact, decide what is necessary, what is too much, not enough, etc.

Right now what Spirit is asking us to attend to is our ability to receive. Receiving is the feminine energy. It is an opening, and within that comes vulnerability. We can not control what we are given, we just have to sit there and allow it. That can be tough!

The energies are shifting and it is a time of self and a time of receiving. In the Equinox season, we are asked to come into a place of balance within ourselves, and since we’ve spent the last season moving and shaking and all the things. It is time to sit back, allow ourselves to take it all in (receive), and hold the space of gratitude.

This is a time of allowing ourselves to give our outward self a rest and pour into ourselves with an “enoughness” that allows us to experience the grace and joy that comes with being loved on, cherished, and valued. For many, those last few words create genuine discomfort…be with that. Don’t chase the discomfort away, sit with it and let it have time to soften and expand so that you can take this time to let Spirit pour into you in ways that fill your cup back up. And get ready for the next opportunity to share yourself.

Forever the journey, Anne

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