A Vision for 2020: Force vs. Flow

Many people rejoiced as the clock turned past midnight and left 2019 behind.  For lots of people, it was a tough year driven by some intense emotion.  I’d like to say parting is such sweet sorrow, but for some of the people I’ve talked to, there was no sorrow involved. It was more of a “see ya, don’t let the door hit you in the ass” kind of parting.

Enter 2020. In fact, enter the 2020’s!  A year and a decade that will be led by the sacred masculine.

First, let’s be clear that I said “sacred” masculine.  Too often people hear “masculine” and they immediately go to a knuckle-dragging, possessive, grunting, shoving and pushing Neanderthal mentality.  Sacred masculine is not that.  The sacred masculine, in fact, I keep being pushed by Spirit to regard it as the “evolved” masculine, we are in, is the best of the best of what masculine energy brings forward.  Clear, focused, direct, grounded, intentional, and purposeful. Those are all words Spirit is using to describe what will elevate all of us to entirely new levels of life and vibration in this year and through this decade.

This is a year of clarity.

Let’s establish clarity and specificity are two different things.  Too often when I tell people “you have to be clear” they hear, “specific”.  The clarity, in this case, is about recognizing the life experience you want in any situation.  “What is my most desirable outcome?” is the question I suggest we all ask continuously this year. Whether we’re talking about landing a new job, buying a different house, bringing balance back into our personal lives or relationships, being clear in our intentions is knowing what we want from the situation. Again, it’s not about stating specifically how it will go, with whom, when and where, the details are always left best to Spirit.

Often a tight grip becomes a stranglehold. If we’re too detailed in our intentions sometimes we can actually prevent things from moving and coming to fruition.  Don’t be that guy or gal. Open your hands, literally, and let things move. I encourage people to do that exact practice; when you find yourself obsessing (and you know when you’re doing it) literally stop yourself and open your hands, stretch them wide.  Let every single finger have its own space, like starfish hands. Breathe, and imagine the situation moving up and out into the Universe…then stop watching it. Seriously, let it go.  Abraham Hicks taught us years ago that we only need to hold an intention for 90 seconds for the energy around it to shift.  They didn’t say 90 seconds, 15 million times a day. Being specific has its place, don’t get me wrong, but the “be clear” Spirit is directing us into for this year is about “knowing what our most desired outcome” would be, and setting that as our intention.

Make a personal mission statement.

My extra super-duper driven to the max clients absolutely hate the idea of operating without attachment or specificity.  “I need goals, and to have goals, I have to be specific!”  Yes, you sure do.  Look at your intentions as a mission statement for the situation.  Here is my most desirable outcome.  State it. Just like that.  Beyond this, develop your “what is my part of this” equation.  I know you’ve all been told that to manifest all you have to do is think happy thoughts, feel happy feelings, and everything will just walk through your front door and onto your lap.  Sometimes, it does work that way.  But this is masculine energy, and it asks us, “what can I do?” or in this case, “how do I live (do) in alignment with this mission statement”?  Ask yourself: what are my thoughts, feelings, plans, behaviors, and agendas regarding this situation? The evolved masculine asks us to live in alignment with our mission.  That, my goal-driven friends, is where you get to shine. Set your goals, develop your objectives, and let your life walk the path that aligns with your mission. See, you really can have your cake and eat it too. Not that you would eat it…you 5 am go, go, go folks would never actually eat the cake. But you get what I’m saying.

The predominant message for 2020 is “flow vs force”. It’s the epitome of the old masculine energy as opposed to the new evolved or sacred masculine energy. The old school masculine told us to” get down there and gimme 20”, the evolved masculine directs us to be clear, live in alignment, and float right into what you’re desiring. It brings our awareness into the truth we desire, already in our energy field.  We had to know it, in order to know about it.  It is a “work smarter, not harder” mentality that will allow us to move in great new directions, manifest faster than ever, and catapult ourselves and our lives speedily in the direction of our deepest desires.

Now that has been worth the evolutionary wait.

Blessings Galore, Anne

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