A Time of Returning

“If I sit with one more grieving person, I won’t be able to maintain my composure, I swear”, she said. The tears in her eyes were a sign of the weight of the work she has been doing lately. It is without question with her work to do, she is absolutely magically wonderful at it. She is not just a therapist, she is a healer. In fact, she is so powerful in her work, that she doesn’t even know how good she is. It is one of her gifts.

I held my breath for a moment to keep from tearing up with her, I felt it too.

Spirit keeps referring to this time as a “great returning”.  When it’s spoken to me inside, it’s beautiful; full, deep, heartfelt, sincere love drawing us towards our greatest and yet most basic self. Spirit is asking us to let go of the depth of our old wounds and holdings and release ourselves fully to our innate gifts. We are each sent here with specialties; things that we do, or know, or feel automatically better than anyone else. Our life experience here on the planet helps us directly and refine those gifts into the unique vibrational qualities that this planet needs from us. It’s all a perfect orchestration of us honoring our Soul and our Spirit in this life. It is the true base for the magic of this life. The how of us getting there is something else.

In this great return we must let go; of fear, pain, perceptions of hardship and punishment, shame and greed, and it’s not easy.  There are lots of people and lots of animals leaving right now. There is so much change in people’s lives day-to-day,  and folks, it’s been tough. Lots of you reading this right now are in it, the letting go of those and that which you love. Me too, you’re not alone.

My client is a mental health practitioner and sees people in the throws of everything life can hand to them. I bless her every single day. The Universal energies are excorting us from the old disempowered masculine energies into the empowered masculine. Our world is full of examples of where fear and the uncontrolled ego that comes from fear, are in direct comparison to the empowered masculine that lives in balance that facilitates a space for all of us and provides fuel for change in the now. This is not an easy or pretty shift in many ways, globally, or in the hearts of each individual in the experience.

I beg you to be kind; to yourself and to one another. There is so much changing, emotions are raw, fatigue is real, and we can all use a little more love.

So let’s. Let’s love more and fear less as a general practice. Let’s hold the doors, smile brighter, touch softer, speak more kindly, and assume that whoever we’re seeing means the best for us. The changes are great, and the feelings are very real; the loss, grief, fear, all of it – but together, we can shift together into this empowered space and vibration.

We all have unique gifts we brought with us when we came. Each of us has had the exact life experience we needed in order to hone those gifts and make them precisely what this world, country, city, village, neighborhood, family, couple, self-needs. You are exactly where you are meant to be. The attention is required to be present inside yourself to connect with what it is that makes your heart full and Spirit soar. The things you do without effort and so we sadly assume that everyone can do that too. Nope. You are you on purpose, and this my loves, is truly your purpose in being here at this time. Be aware. Be grounded. Shine. Bring your gifts.

We’ll get to the next level together.

Forever the journey, Anne

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