A Time of Renewal

Whew! Another fast and furious holiday season is behind us. Yes, I know some of you are still celebrating well into and through January. Sometimes it’s just easier to put the big family stuff off until after the hoopla is over so you can slow down and really enjoy it. Fantastic. 

January is a time of renewal for me. It’s a time to recognize this new year, and what it is I’m intending to bring into my life in the next trip around the sun. This is the time I develop more conscious practices and rituals that focus on my own personal sustainability and less on the external world. 

I’m not a big new years resolution person. I spend time at the end of each year looking at business, where I’ve grown, where I’ve steadied, and make decisions about that going forward. January is a time for me to look at what is serving me in my life as a whole – what thoughts, ideas, practices, behaviors are now worth less than they were in the past and what suits me and my life now. In 2021, there were a lot of shifts around my perceptions as a Mom with a son who lived a mile from my house to a Mom of a Sailor who could be sent anywhere at any time with zero control over where it was. It’s different, and my attitudes, values, perceptions had to change to accommodate the new ways. 

We are ever growing and evolving beings, as it is intended by Spirit for us to be. If you’re hard intended on staying the same and saying things like, “I’m too old to change”, or “you won’t get me to change”, you’re only kidding yourself. Spirit intends for us to change, to shift, to develop as our lives go on. It’s the Divine order of things. We are not the same this year as we were last year, or even last week. Each moment changes us whether we are consciously aware of it or not. As we evolve we can begin to recognize that we can influence our shifts and changes with our conscious intentions. We can choose thoughts, feelings, behaviors and practices that align with our desires so that creating with Spirit becomes easier and more fruitful. This process is meant to be mindful, yes, and fun and creative as well. 

We get what we focus on!

Sometimes we take our evolution way too seriously! We make manifesting hard focused work, where Spirit intends for it to be playful and fun. Creativity is meant to be, well… creative! We’re children in the eyes of Spirit and meant to be creative and imagine as children do, with bountiful minds and full open hearts! All is possible in the eyes of a child, there is no limitation but the ends of the imagination. So is true with our ability to create in this world!! 

In this new year free your mind and your heart to the boundless possibilities your life can hold for you. Desire and be intentional about how you think and feel and choose wisely the behaviors that align with your deepest desires. This year is ours for enjoyment! 

Let us join hands, hearts, minds and Spirit in this new year. Let us create with love and passion and fun! Let us open our hearts and our minds to the infinite possibilities of what creative energy can help us create. 

Let’s go get this. 

Forever the Journey, Anne

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