A Solstice Letter

Ever notice how much better you feel after a walk outside? A stroll in the woods? Getting your hands in the dirt? Maybe it’s just me. 

I am a dirty hippy. It’s been said before, perhaps I am misplaced in the smallish concrete jungle which I Live in, I should’ve been a flower child of the 60’s, I belong out on a farm in the middle of nowhere (ok, that last one is just me) and honestly, I know I’m not alone. 

Our Mother Earth feeds us. Since humans ran amuck on this earth we have been connected to our Divine Mother earth. She has fed us, nurtured us, provided us with the medicine and the healing we need and taken our earthly bodies into the depths of her to be regenerated into food for the soil when we were done with them. 

I read an article recently that talked about how indigenous cultures received energetic downloads from Mother earth by sleeping on the ground, hence the deeper sense of connection to the land, and greater ability to follow the seasons predictably than what we hold now. Where there now is doppler radar to predict our weather, even my old farmer Dad watched how the cows and birds behaved in order to know what was coming our way. We have always been connected to her greatness.

In this time of Solstice we are asked to connect with intention. To be available to her gentle whispers to move ahead, to prosper, to reap the glory that we have sown in multiple places in our lives. Yes, we are entering summer and a time to enjoy the beauty of the flowers and the first offerings of our plants, but the symbolism goes way beyond that. This is a time of abundance, of great shifting and growth and evolution. Our true selves are beginning to show and how we display our uniqueness, our authenticity is being directed from inside of us, if only we can listen.

So, listen. Sit with the earth as this time of Solstice is upon us. Be open to the abundance and creativity that the vibrations of this summer season brings. Celebrate. Gather around the fire, call her name, sing, dance, drum, rattle, ignite her Spirit and vibration within you. She is there, speaking to us. Her messages are still being delivered to us. Bare your feet and open your mind my loves. She is singing back to you a song of your own joy. Gather, connect, and listen.

Forever the journey,

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