A Different Kind of Love Story

I am going to start this story at an unusual place. I am going to start this story at the end.

So, here is the end of the story: this is a story about a thing, a physical, material possession. However, this is NOT a story about the thing, this is a story about magic. This is a story about how attentive this incredible Universe is, and how we are attended to constantly. This is a story about how blessed I am, not because I have the material thing, but because what the entire situation shows me about how loved, heard and supported we are by the amazing Universe we are steeped in. This is a love story.

As some of you know, I was married for a fair number of years to my son’s Dad. For our fifth wedding anniversary, my first husband gifted me with a pair of diamond leverback earrings. They were beautiful, classic, timeless and I loved them. My first pair of diamond earrings.

As time and life have gone by the sentimental meaning of these earrings has worn off, but my appreciation for their timeless style has made them my favorite ear bling. I am one of those women that has that pair of earrings that she wears constantly, practically never takes out. Therein lies a bit of a problem. These earrings over the years have lost and found themselves over and over again; the carpet of my bedroom, dangling in the bathroom sink, precariously perched on the shower drain about to head down, lodged in the little holes inside the dryer. At one point I had misplaced them for almost two years when I found them in a pocket of a backpack that I swear I had looked in multiple times before, on my way into the BWCA. They always show up, and I still forget I’m wearing them and become careless. This time was no different.

The second weekend of deer hunting I was out in the woods doing a drive. For the non-hunters, this means myself and a group of other hunters were walking in a lie through the woods going around, over, under or through whatever was in our path. As I’m getting a little slap here and there all was well. At one point I got whapped in the right ear with a switch and I reached up to touch my ear to check for blood and realized that once again, I had forgotten to take my earrings out before I went into the woods. I checked the back on the earring to make sure it was secure and shifted my gun into my opposite hand to check the other side as well. All good and I made a mental note that I would take them out when I got back to the house for lunch which was our next destination following the end of this drive. We walked the woods, ended the drive and I was walking ahead of my husband when I reached up to touch my cheek again as I could still feel the sting. I touched my cheek and instinctively went to my ears. Left earring, check. Right earring, gone.

It was gone. My diamond earring that I have lost and found, and loved as my favorites for the last 20 years, gone. I stopped my husband and asked him to look at me, my hair, my hat, my jacket, everything he could see in case the earring had snagged onto me somewhere when it fell. He walked a solid 360 degrees around me and found nothing.

“Get in the truck and don’t touch anything on yourself”. He took my gun, unloaded it and put it in its bag.

When we got back to the house I walked gently into the house and immediately into the bedroom and stripped down, checking every single inch of everything I was wearing, my hair, etc. all the way to my toes. No earring.

All the way back to the house I just felt sick. After this inspection I wanted to cry, I was so disappointed in myself and what I had allowed to happen. I took full responsibility of course. I had carelessly allowed this loss and I felt horrible about it. I asked our friends to check the floor dirt from the vacuum and sweeping, just in case. I felt the pit of “gone” in my stomach.

As I went back to the bedroom to sit for a moment, I looked up and began to ask, “I know it’s gone,” I said. “Spirit, Universe, Source of All, Guides, Angels, God, Joshua (my word for Jesus) I know that there is no human way to bring my earring back, or find it in the woods, but I know you can do anything and if you could find a way to bring my earring back, I will be so incredibly grateful. I know it’s not possible, but I know you make miracles everyday, and I realize it’s an earring and it’s my own fault, and in the greater scheme of things it’s not that important. But, it’s important to me. I know that you can do great things without burden or hard work. I know you can, I am asking if you will, please.”

And that was it. I had asked for what I knew logically was basically impossible. That earring now belonged to the woods. I went on feeling disappointed in myself, but not beating myself up. At the end of the day, it was an earring, and we were still happy, healthy and well. Our real life treasures were still in place and that is what matters. But, deep down inside, I was still hoping that at some point, I’d get a huge surprise. Logically, I knew there was no way. But if life were only a matter of one person’s perception of logic, most things wouldn’t exist. Things like: airplanes, rocket ships taking people into space, round wheels, chemotherapy and replacing heart valves and well, entire hearts! There’s 3D printing a kidney for goodness sakes! Logic can be a sad limitation if we allow ourselves to avoid its edge.

Weeks went on and Clarence and I spent the first weekend after hunting at home teaching a Reiki class. Beyond that, we spent a couple weekends up at the lake. Back and forth between home and the cabin which is our usual. Two weekends ago at the lake I did laundry including the sheets on our bed. Washed, dried and replaced on the bed. Its flannel season so the same sheet set goes on the bed all winter. I want to be warm!

Last weekend we were there Friday night, ran errands all day Saturday and met a friend for dinner at our cabin. After our friends left we did our usual bedtime routine ritual which includes: washing face, brushing teeth, and Clarence beating me into bed. As I was talking to him I pulled back the top sheet and blanket and was confused by something in the middle of my side of the bed…a sparkly diamond and gold thing. “What the heck is that?!” I asked out loud as I reached to pick it up. My diamond earring, back open, was now in between my fingers.

It’s not possible, I know it, Clarence worked for quite some time trying to come up with a logical explanation. “It must’ve clung to you and fell off when you got back to the cabin after hunting”.

“I didn’t come back to the cabin after hunting that day, I stayed at the farm with you”. In fact, I hadn’t been back to the cabin for two weeks after the end of hunting. Nothing that I wore during hunting was on my body or with me in my bag.

It was probably in the pocket of your jeans and just happened to make it through the wash and then fell out. “I wasn’t wearing jeans hunting, in fact, I didn’t even have jeans with me. I was wearing leggings under my hunting bibs.” Everything he used to try and bring logic into the equation was immediately abolished by fact. “I washed these sheets last weekend, so even the sheets have been washed since hunting” I told him. He couldn’t believe it, and neither couldIi. I was doing the same thing in my mind, how could I possibly explain this! I even tried on the notion that I had accidentally snagged the other earring in my jewelry box with my wedding ring and it just fell off in bed… like I had a diamond earring hanging on my wedding ring for two days and never noticed…I mean really. I even asked Clarence if he bought me another earring and put it on my side of the bed. What the mind won’t try on in order to diminish the gifts that Spirit gives us.

I was absolutely in awe, nothing short of it. I was speechless, absolutely speechless, and let me tell you, this very rarely happens. I was just plain dumbfound. I could not believe my eyes. I walked around for a bit to let it sink in, my ego mind still trying to figure it out. I put the earring in a pill bottle and decided to leave it alone and all would be revealed for sure when I went home the next day. If my other earring was in my jewelry box and I now again had both of them, that was my answer.

Sunday we drove home and I made myself completely unload the truck even though I really wanted to run in my room and look for my other earring. I had a weird sense that my Guides were watching me simultaneously laughing and rolling their eyes. I swear to you, I could feel them doing it. Ever since I found the earring the night before I had this weird calm in my belly. I asked my Guides on Saturday night if it was real and I think we all know their answer, “of course, it’s in front of you”.

I walked to my jewelry box and as I expected, there was my other earring. I went to my pill bottle and took out the earring I had found in bed at the lake. Reunited and it felt SO GOOD! I held the pair in my hand and said a prayer of thanks, that really was nothing more than “thank you” over and over and over, because I was still so shocked that those were the only words that I could think of.

It occurred to me as the day went on how absolutely attended to by Spirit. I had a loss, I asked Spirit for a miracle, and I received one. That is support, that is attention, focus, it is love.

Spirit loves us. That is the moral of this incredibly long story. We are loved, we are constantly attended to by Spirit. We are heard, we are seen, our heart sends a message that is absolutely received in extreme clarity, and we will be responded to.

I am not special, this love is true for everyone and anyone, I probably just trust its power and am willing to ask more often than lots of other people. I know Spirit doesn’t judge if my requests are important enough to ask. I know Spirit believes that if it’s important to us, it’s important. So go ahead – ask! You have an incredible force that lives through you just waiting to provide for you.

We are so loved.

I believe miracles happen everyday. What I also believe is that when we see them happen, we don’t tell the story. Do we think people won’t believe us? Do we think people will think we’re lying? Or weird? I’m not sure. What I do know is that when I got home and brought my earring back together, I felt an immediate need to tell everyone I possibly can, as this was the message that was delivered.

Let’s tell them. Tell me your miracle stories!

Blessings Galore, Anne

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