A Day of Grate-full Thanksgiving

There is an old saying, “the more you are grateful for the little things, the more little things there are to be grateful for”.


Today, more than ever, we are surrounded by things to be worried about or afraid of, but what if we shift our focus to what is now and what is true for us?

I’m not talking about ignoring the plights of disempowered people, or situations needing our attention and our healing prayers in this country or around the world, but what I am  talking about is stopping and noticing what is happening to you right now. Consuming ourselves with the struggles and fears of other people or situations does not help the situation. And, honestly, it lowers the vibrational quality available to that situation. So by worrying constantly, we make it worse, not better. Take action, repeatedly, please, to make this world a better place, and then feel good about what potential there is for change, for better situations, for healing. Feel good.

Gratitude is a choice and a practice. If you’re spending time being awake during the day, choose and practice wisely. I have a daily gratitude journal on my phone. I stop multiple times a day, take a few deep breaths and find something outside my window to see beauty in.

The vast majority of you reading this are doing so on an electric device that you had money to pay for, probably tucked warm and dry in a fairly nice place. You’re probably clothed and fed and have consistent shelter or you wouldn’t probably be able to afford to spend your time and resources reading my meanderings.

Choose your attitude, and an attitude of gratitude will get us all further in life. When we focus on the positive, what’s right and what’s possible, we get more of those things. By having a grateful mind we experience a great-filled life. When we choose a great-filled life perception, we actually create a higher vibration in our energy field and get more of what is great. When we vibrate with consciousness and attention on what is great-filled, we raise the collective vibration and those around us experience a raise in their vibration as well. Energy is catchy! So, when we hold a space and choose to focus on our blessings and our gifts we all receive more. When we see opportunities within struggle, then struggle resolves into potential instead of staying in struggle.

We can move mountains by choosing to see our lives as great-filled!

Today, you are my gratitude practice. I am thankful for each and every one of you even if the only connection we have is via you reading this meandering. You are a gift, to me and to this world. You have the ability to create incredible things in this world through your intentions, your consciousness and your behaviors. Create! This world is for you. Please take my words of gratitude and wrap them around you like a warm blanket. I stand humbled by you giving your precious time and resources to me and my ramblings and I hope somewhere, sometime, today, my words can help you connect that you too, have a life that is great-filled.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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