2021 In the Rear View Mirror

It’s been another crazy year, for sure.

Remember in March of 2020 when the world shut down and we never thought we’d survive it?  Well, we did. And then some. The year 2021 has proven to have its own challenges beyond the pandemic; shut downs turned to employee shortages, more companies learned to pivot, supply chain issues, and more people saw the advantages of supporting local businesses and companies. To every cloud there is a silver lining, you just have to be willing to look for it.

I have an annual ritual, in fact, two.

Each year I write a list of all the things I want to allow into my life in the new year. It’s fun to think about what is possible, what I truly desire for my life, and the variety of ways Spirit might choose to slide things to me, and then let it go to see how it will actually deliver.

But, before I write that list for the new year, I write a truly heartfelt letter to the year that is ending. A letter not just filled with the good times. I spend extra time looking at the struggles, the perceivably negative moments that most often teach me the greatest lessons about myself and my life. I take painstaking amounts of time to slowly go through week by week and let myself remember the time and what was going on. I perused my calendars to see where I was and who I was spending time with. My calendar that is so neat and clean going into each week looks like chaos by the end of it. Going back through always leads me to little nuggets of gold in regards to birthdays and special occasions, people passing, moving, inspirational notes from clients, etc. It is a treasure trove of memories!

As we walk into this new year of 2022, let’s take some time to reflect on this passing year. Let’s honor the good times and the challenges. Let’s take a deep dive into what we’ve learned about ourselves and how to be a better version of ourselves as we go forward.

With respect, with deep gratitude, let’s go forward. While there is no guarantee of ease and simplicity in the new year, there is a renewed sense of empowerment and enthusiasm that comes with a new year. We recognize ourselves as powerful with a great ability to change and to create for ourselves. So, let’s!

Say a gracious good-bye to 2021, and hello to a great new age of possibility.

Good-bye 2021. You have shown me many things, and I appreciate you for it.

Forever the journey,

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