Your own voice

As a person who has struggled with chronic fatigue the last several years, I REALLY value my sleep. With intense frustration I tell you the last week, finding sleep has been like trying to locate Waldo. Finally, last night I slept!! REJOICE!!! Seriously, you have no idea.
At any rate, I woke this morning, not only from a good night of sleep, but admits the most beautiful dream. I was in a circle of women (sorry guys, nothing personal, you just weren’t at this event) summing up what felt to be an incredible time together. As the leader of this group, I suggested we sing a song to end our time together. Someone jumped up and suggested a song that is sung amongst a crowd of multi-level marketing people, and honestly, I groaned. At this juncture of the sacred time we had been sharing, a cheerleader you can do it song, was not what I had in mind. On the outside, I simply suggested we sing a song that perhaps comes from a deeper place. So, I began singing a song that is from the Mayan culture, a song that I actually DO SING when I am preparing a Spiritual Bath or gathering herbs or even picking berries as it reminds me of my sisters from around the globe, who also love and practice in the Mayan traditions. My expectation was that I would be “teaching” them this song, that would be new to them, as none of them were Spanish speaking and none of them had studied the same work that I have. Much to my delight, many of them started smiling, eyes closed, and began singing along, like the song simply emanated from them. I was amazed! Shortly almost all of them were singing this song. A song none of them “knew” or could’ve known, when I thought to myself (in the dream) “of course, its not that they know the song, it is that the song knows them! It came to me full on at that point, that the song came from them, from the inside. Not because they had learned it somewhere, but because they were able to remember it from way down deep, a place that had known them in the past perhaps, or is a part of the greatest whole, and they were simply remembering the music, the words, and their smiles told me they touched the meaning. It was beyond beautiful.
when I woke, while not completely rested, I was touched by the magnitude of the dream. We all have the song of Spirit within us. We all know the music of our soul! We just need to remember, and often, we need a reminder.
perhaps today you will remember the song of your soul, perhaps today you can be a reminder for another to reconnect to the sacredness that they truly are in their essence. Spirit speaks in many ways and has an extensive vocabulary! Look for the signs that spirit is remembering YOU, and that we are called each day, to remember the music of our deepest self.