Working with Spirit in 2018

I know many of us are struggling with these new 2018 energies. I’m hearing it daily, “I feel stuck”, “I feel pressured”, ” I know what I need to do, but its painful”, ” I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing”. We experienced a great shift in vibration coming into this year, and to many people, its palpable. We’re not feeling well, either physically, mentally or emotionally, or some crazy combination of all of those. 2018 is asking us for three things: clarity, connection and co-creation. For some of us, in order for us to get clear, we have to get uncomfortable. The “old” just doesn’t fit anymore, and much like that one outfit from high school that you just LOVED, the old stuff is outdated, doesn’t fit, and needs to be gotten rid of. I’ve been working with many people who tell me of their great epiphanies, moments of monumental clarity, who then back away from putting their spirit wisdom into action. We must press on! Spirit is providing us with clarity, knowing, intuitive messages, we must begin to follow our wisdom sense. Sadly, without following our great knowing, the discomfort only continues. We don’t eliminate it, we just prolong it. Rip the band aid off and move on.

2018 is moving us towards connection. I’m not talking about one more social media outlet, we’re talking about true connection. Being with one another intentionally, seeing each other, hearing each other and processing together. This is a year of unity, in all sorts of relationships, love, business, friendships, community, etc. This year calls us to be present in ways that we have never known before, or totally forgotten about. Being in the moment, with Spirit and with other people, is essential to our creating this year. We need each other, its time to reconnect to the idea that we are all here together for a reason. We need a mirror; our relationship with anyone or anything allows us to see ourselves more clearly and make choices about whether we like us this way, or not. alone, our ego has no place of comparison, there is no push into discomfort, so there is no growth. Spirit intends us to keep growing, evolving, raising, and so, we must connect to our surroundings, our people, and our Spirit.

Co-creation simply means to acknowledge that we are not alone in our pursuits. We co-create with Spirit, with our families, friends, business partners, etc. Source energy asks us to do this with consciousness and purpose at this time. to ask ourselves, “what do I need to fulfill my desires”? and then ask for what we need. We ask in prayer, in meditation, and out loud. Co-creation brings us into our vulnerability. It helps us recognize we are not meant to do it all alone, and that whether we like to admit it or not, we NEVER do it all alone. Again, we are asked to recognize we do not live in isolation, we live in community, with people and our constant community with Spirit. Our greatest desires are ours to have. In this year we will manifest faster than ever! It is essential that we invite Spirit to be in this with us, to monitor our vibration and to use that as information of our alignment to our desires, or lack thereof. It’s just information, and we all learn through feedback. This works, this doesn’t. in our greatest creations, our very existence here, we are being asked to recognize our true magnificent selves, that we are pure potential. In order for us to be here, in this time, on this planet, in these exact bodies, we MUST be incredible creators! It was our communion with Spirit that brought us here, and that collaboration never stops. Live it with purpose in 2018, bring into your awareness your greatness as a creator, and that it is the Divine vibration of Spirit that surrounds us with the flow that moves our desires towards us. you have been creating this entire time, invite Spirit in to be your guide and your driving force.

Welcome to 2018,

You will never be right here, right now, again.

Make the most of it!

Blessings Galore,