Wishing for a rewind

So often in life we get busy. Most of us are busy squared; running here, running there, running everywhere. “Busy” has become an epidemic. So, we’re most of us are left in a life that is constantly demanding we set aside what we “want” or what is “good for us”, to accomplish the busy. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve many times come to the conclusion that “enough is enough”, I need to set better boundaries (a term many American’s don’t even consider themselves entitled to anymore), I need to care of “me”, spend time with people I love, etc. I’ve come to this same conclusion so many times I’ve run out of fingers and toes to count. Still, we’re busy. Then reality strikes with a reminder as to what is really important to me. Most recently, my first cousin died; tragically, unexpectedly, and crushed us. He was a big tall man with a big tall personality, a booming laugh, a light the room smile and a heart the size of Alaska. Suddenly, I remembered all those countless times I have reminded myself I’m losing my life in “the busy”. Sadly, most people assume (you know what they say about “assume”) that because of the nature of my practice, I have it all together, my priorities are clear and focused, I take plenty of time for myself to meditate, do yoga, eat right, have quality relationships, love my tribe, and on and on. I wish!! Like most others, I get caught up in what “needs to get done”, I get lost in the expectations of our society, and running the balance beam ( a term I use for really busy people trying to keep it ALL together, including themselves). Folks, there is no rewind. I wish more than I can say, how much I wish I had made more time for this man that I love, to hang out, to drink beer, to talk smart and laugh, because now, he’s gone. I’ve always said, “regrets suck”, and I have always used that as a means for doing what I really thought was important and pushing beyond the “normal” to do what I loved. Yep, regrets suck. I regret that I didn’t make more time to slow down, as oxymoron-esque as that sounds. How often do we set aside what is truly meaningful to us and spend our precious personal time doing “stuff” that doesn’t really matter at the end of the day? So, here is my challenge for this next month; challenge yourself to meet for coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, a walk in the park, strollering the kids, etc. with one person you haven’t spent enough time with, determined by your own standards for who brings you joy! I don’t mean one more thing to do out of obligation, I mean one meaningful hour spent with someone who lights you up, makes you laugh, and makes life more worth the busy we all get caught up in. maybe it’s a date night with your S/O, your neighbor, your best friend you hardly ever see, the co-worker you truly enjoy (but don’t talk about work!). make it short if needed, ’cause life has us all running, but make it meaningful. There are no rewind’s sadly, and regrets suck.