The Trouble with Change (in the energy)

So, who’s feeling it? Who’s been grossly aware of that pull, that tug, that new stuff is coming? You have no idea what it is, but you know without question, that shits about to go down.
For some its super exciting, it feels fresh, new, alive! You love it!! For others, it feels ominous, looming almost. The questions, without answers, “what is going on”?
the energies are awake and turning, and change is in the air. At this exact time of year, it can indeed feel stressful, like extra pressure. I invite you to recognize this is the energy of 2018 coming through. Strong, passionate, igniting! 2018 is on the books to be an incredible year! Like most incredible years, it will come with change. The old won’t fit anymore, and the new is yet unseen, which can feel like we’re dangly over the edge without a rope.

For right now, simply know this: you are held, you are directed, you are on the path (it’s always the right path), and Source is watching you, loving you, closely.
right now, at this exact moment, go inside yourself and with love in your heart, ask yourself what it is you are desiring in your life. What are you wanting to move towards? Where do you need help?
This is the time to ask, to spend a few moments, amid holiday bustle, to gain a bit of clarity on this new year that is speeding towards us, for us. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t know. Leave your stress and anxiousness for a little while just to dream. To consider the Universe is around you, aware constantly of you, receiving exactly what you are focusing on. Invite it in, make it your friend, love it through you, and let it soften your heard, calm your fears, alleviate the inner pressure, and DREAM with it.

shift is about to go down! Enjoy the journey!

Blessings Galore my friends