The Joy of YOU

I’ve been working with lots of people, ok women, lately, who are gifted as amazing, fantastic givers. They give to their spouses, their kids, their neighbors, their co-workers, their husband’s cousins, their community. Give, give, give, give, give. They’re wonderful…at giving!! These same beautiful people, when we talk about “what’s in it for you?” fall into tears. Their perception of unworth is equally as amazing to me. I sit with incredible people every day, I am so blessed in this regard, but it kills me inside to see them struggle with their own worth, their own value. To give without expectation of any kind, we MUST know our value. Not all of it, certainly, we’re all works in progress, me too. But, we must have at least a glimmer of what’s important about us, what’s lovely, and whole and gracious about us. To give joy and love and attention into our world, we must know those things for ourselves, inside of ourselves. What makes you special? Not just what do others like about you, but what do YOU LIKE ABOUT YOU?? Often times, “others’ have a desire for us to stay the way we are, because let’s face it, it works really well for THEM. I want you, just for today, to look at yourself in a mirror that reflects what’s wonderful, joyful, love filled, complete, inside of you. Be proud of it, feel good about it, toot your own horn a bit! Share it. There’s the challenge; share what your value is with one other person, not asking them if they agree, not asking for their permission to say it, think it, feel it. Share it because you love YOU. Just for today, be what’s wonder-filled about you, and be proud of it. Smile, you’re worth it.