Spring cleaning

Well, just when we thought Mother Nature had totally forgotten about releasing the Midwest from the holds of Winter, the sunshine has appeared in greater strength, the snow has melted, and the temperatures are climbing! Naturally we’re drawn to open the windows and let the fresh air in, to clean out the old crud that’s been sitting around all winter…namely US. At our house, we’ve been painting rooms, cleaning out closets, and we can joyfully see the floor in the man/boy’s room (proof that miracle do happen!). I’m also noticing my body is kicking into gear with wanting cleaner, more simple foods. I’m not gonna lie folks, I’m writing this at Starbucks, but I’ve definitely been feeling the nudge towards, “hey, veggies are good, and meat can be over rated”. Its just a message, its not a religion, so I follow it, and still drink my coffee and kiss the cup because I love it.
As my body is calling me to get out and move, dig in the dirt, eat kinder foods, I’m also getting the push to pay more attention to my vibrational body. One would think as a psychic, I’d be pretty much on top of the game when it comes to meditating, clearing my energy body, etc. One would think…but one might be wrong. I struggle just like a lot of other people. Time is finite, as much as I don’t like that, there is only so much time in the day, and we’ve got a busy household. Sometimes I think people believe I just hang out at my house all day doing really relaxing spiritual stuff, playing with the fairies, running through the meadows, singing songs with Spirit. If you have that life, please call me, I want to know what you do and how you do it so I can do it too. In this world, I work, I run a full-time practice, a home, a husband and a man/boy along with a list of other things that I absolutely LOVE having in my life, AND it all takes time and energy. So, what I’m really saying, Spring is a great time to work on clearing out inside of us too! Not just our house and our bodies, but our energy body, our mind, our emotions. I’ve been hearing from lots of people, and feeling it myself, the crazy energies the last few weeks. The message is there for all of us “HEY! PAY ATTENTION!! Things are changing in the Universe!” we’re evolving, believe it or not, we’re ascending and that’s great! Its also weird and uncomfortable often times, and we need to either hide in a closet for the next couple of months or wake up and be part of it. I vote for the later, but that’s just me. So, I’m trying to pay more attention to things like, what I’m eating, how much I’m moving, yoga, being kind to myself inside my head, loving what is happening around me and within me, supporting what I love in our world and tuning out what brings me down that I can’t control. OH, YEAH, CONTROL! I’m paying attention to my attachments to things, people’s actions, attitudes, etc. that I can’t control, and practicing consciously letting go. I open my palms, remind myself that’s not me and not mine, and imagine it floating out into the Universe to be held there in Light. Does it change the planet? Probably not, but does it help me let go and feel free of things that are not for me to control anyway? Yep. And that’s good enough for me. In short, its not about being perfect, its about progress. So, let’s pay a little more attention to what our body and our spirit is moving us towards. Work less on “doing it right”, allow more, pay attention, and we’ll all flow into summer with some joy, a little more balance in our lives, and a squeaky clean energy body and attitude to boot!

Love deluxe!