not all fun and ghosts, pray for lost souls

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work in one of the most beautiful old buildings I’ve ever been in, and I’ve been in A LOT of them.  a large brick building with a very stately presence, quietly, unassumingly looking over Lake Superior with an air of sophistication.  As though the big lake itself sets there simply to be gazed upon by this 150 year old creation.
I was there working with clients.  In the beginning I noticed the architecture, the dark woods, the stained glass, the beautiful artwork on the walls, the gorgeous wool rugs. Its incredible. As I settled in with my client and opened up my energy the room filled with people!!!  Talking, dancing, drinks in fine crystal, meetings of the minds, it was amazing even to me! I laughed and shared my experience with my client, whose eyes got wide with wonder, and we chatted a few minutes about what was happening and who was around before getting back to the matter at hand, which was my session with my client.
The time passed quickly, the “others in the room” were polite and quieted when I asked them to, in fact, they departed for the great hall and gathered there.  The Spirit of this place was so alive!  Happy spirits, folks enjoying themselves, their lives, and then, the ones that weren’t.  there were those few, earthbound still, stuck in their ego selves, wandering the halls aimlessly, wondering where their worth had gone, and would they ever get it back. I think we can all relate.  Somedays we feel like we’re killin’ it.  Eating right, exercising as we should, the kids are behaving, we’re making great gains in work and business, being all around amazing! Heck, we ARE amazing!!  Then, there are the days when we’re not so much.  When nothing goes right, or IS right, and we are filled with doubt, gloom, self-loathing even. Imagine being stuck in that spot forever…I mean, FOR-EV-ER, as in even after you’re gone from this body. Sad, right? Lots of us think its “fun’ to be spooked, to be in places where there are ghosts, places that are haunted.  May I say, on behalf of the ghost, its typically not fun.  Most often people stay in the middle plain (where we live) because there is something unresolved, or their afraid either of what they left, or not sure where they’re going.  It’s not often comfortable for them.  Pray. Please.  The gift we can give them is to ask for the Angels to come and help them cross.  To lift them up, to forgive them and to help them forgive themselves so they can leave this world behind and become fully a part of the Spirit world where they belong.
When was finished working, I took a moment to say a prayer to the angels of Light and Healing for anyone who was ready to fully cross to the other side, that they are received with unconditional love.
like many others, I too sometimes find it fun to check in on the energies around me from the past.  Sometimes those energies come to me even when I’m not looking for them.  but when I find the ones who are truly lost, I pray.  In Light all is sacred, and there is no separation between us and God.  I wish that connection for everyone, here and those past.