Lost at Sea

I often refer to our second chakra, right below the belly button, as the water basin. Our emotional body is signified by water; fluid, constantly in motion, sometimes deep beyond words, other times shallow. Cool and calm, or hot, balmy, humid. It’s easy, with all of life’s variables, to feel lost in the water basin sometimes. Take now for instance. We’re in this time of incredible influence from the Exulted Feminine energies. Strong, sure, confident, purposeful, our perfect balance between the masculine and the feminine energies. Divine balance. Gorgeous!

So, this exulted feminine energy has a really interesting way of helping us discover our own Divine Balance. Pushing…pushing, pushing, pushing. Pushing us into our stuff, pushing us to discover what’s important, where we’re still hurting, what we love, what makes us happy. Pushing. It’s yucky, and many of you have been telling me just how yucky it is. I have been feeling how yucky it is.

Earlier this summer my family almost lost my Dad in an accident. Its been tough, for everyone, and especially for my Dad. He’s that traditional manly man. Prideful, strong, capable, and sometimes in his past, not so nice, especially when he’s frustrated, like say, oh when he can’t do everything he wants to be able to do. This whole thing has brought some of the old family stuff to the surface in ways, well, I didn’t expect, and neither did anyone else in my family. But, surface they have. This crazy exulted feminine think that if we’re pushed hard enough, long enough, far enough, we’ll get it! CRAZY! And done with incredible love from the Universe as its source. So, we’re pushed, me, you, the family, all of us. With love, truly.

Its easy to get lost in that water basin, that then feels less like a basin and more like clinging to the edges of a life raft during a hurricane on the ocean. We get all scared, lose our collective sanity, and start reacting instead of responding. We jump to conclusions, and panic instead of staying calm and objective. Sometimes we even think we ARE being objective, when we’re really just trying to get out being blamed, or afraid, or angry, or grieving, or whatever is really behind it that we’re trying desperately to avoid. People hang on! Its not an ocean, it’s a bowl, it all goes around, and we’re held in a container we can trust. The very emotions that are making us feel sad, afraid, frustrated, resentful, powerless, etc. are the things that when we get to the eye of the storm, become our way through. Our emotions, are true feelings, guided by the love of the Exulted feminine, will help us sail through the storm and find the peaceful waters on the other side. Its there, just hang on.

This current energy flux isn’t going to last, just like everyone before and to come. Like our emotional body, its constantly shifting and realigning and changing. Chart your course, adjust your sails, and use the wind to your advantage. You can do this. Our emotional body wants joy, love, abundance, security, and we have all that available in this time. the Feminine energy isn’t punishing us, it isn’t trying to scare us, its trying to get us to find our joy within ourselves, to love, not just who we are, but who we’ve been in the past, for that is the seasoning that created who we are today. We are loved UNCONDITIONALLY by a Source that is the only source that CAN love unconditionally. Its beautiful, its bountiful and its within and around each of us. You’re not lost, you just being asked to see more clearly who you are, and to love that person, ALL OF THAT PERSON, without exception.

So, come to the edge, dip your toe in, the water is fine. It’s just a basin.

Blessings Galore,