Like does truly attract like…a weird epiphany

“Its better to have it along and not need it, than to wish you had it”. I’ve heard my Dad say this a million times, and I honestly don’t think I’m exaggerating. My parents were visiting us at the lake and my ever-chilly Mother was trying to decide if she should bring her jacket on the boat, or not. “Will it be cold? She asked. Followed by the age-old wisdom of my Father. But wait. That wasn’t my Dad. THAT comment, was from my HUSBAND!
Certainly, in manifestation we know that “like attracts like”, or more specifically “that which is known is drawn unto itself”. But every time I hear my husband toss out some adage of my Dad’s it reminds me of how this is true in so many ways in our lives. Our unconscious mind is running everything. We are “drawn onto” what is stored inside of us. It’s why we work so hard to not eat that box of cookies, or to lose weight, or think happier thoughts, stop smoking, etc. and then don’t. Over, and over, and over. It gets really frustrating. Understand please that your entire life right now is a construct, created, mostly by accident, by YOU. Now, I don’t say that as a blaming tool. Seriously, there’s enough blame/shame game in life without me adding to it. I say it because I want you to start paying attention to it.
First, a little history. See, how we were raised, our conditioning is what determines our beliefs, our values, what we gravitate towards, and what we’re afraid of. So, if your family has a fear story around not having enough, then that fear will drive you from the inside, without you ever really even knowing it. HOW that fear plays out in your life depends a lot on your personality hardwiring. Some would live that out by becoming overly consumed with material possessions, some by getting stuck in a mental trap where they can’t move on from a job for fear they’d never find another one, others would meet it by needing to partner with someone who can provide for them, so they don’t have to be afraid of money, but instead perhaps be locked in a relationship that isn’t happy and feel stuck, seeing themselves as powerless to be their own solution. You get it, it can show up in a variety of ways, but show up, it will. Our fears manifest, even if we didn’t choose for ourselves to be afraid.
Similarly, being raised in an environment that empowers each individual to be at cause for their actions, that teaches a sense of self-reliance, the believes that is “always works out”, and the concept that life provides what we pursue, will most likely develop highly successful adults. It works both ways, not just for the negative. Regardless of how you were conditioned, WHAT that conditioning was will direct the basic vibration, beliefs that you operate from in your life. Positive, or negative, it works. Doubt me? Remember when you learned to drive a car, or for us farm kids, a tractor? The first number of times, you had to be so calculated about each step. Press on the break, turn the key, shift, ever so tentatively step on the gas, and at a whopping 20 miles an hour, you were cruising! Higher speeds, curvier roads, etc, all came with more experience, and built more confidence. Now, I get behind the wheel and I’m half way to the metro before I realize I got on the freeway. Totally automatic. Conditioning of the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is a huge time saver!
Now, let’s say, the first time you drove, you did something way wrong. My sister, God bless her, drove a tractor one time. She was about 10 years old, ran right into the side of the barn, and never drove a tractor again. This same person today, will let you take the wheel going anywhere in order to not drive. No, not a tractor, a car. Stuff sticks with us! Does she talk about the tractor/barn incident every time she gets in a vehicle to go somewhere? No. I’m sure she doesn’t recognize at all that that is why she’s reluctant to drive, but that doesn’t mean its not happening. Conditioning!
The good news is, while we can’t change our conditioning, we can shift the unconscious mind to allow us to move through situations instead of getting stuck in the old mechanism. The secret is in the problem. Seriously, yes, I said that. If your conditioning is never a problem for you, or that you’re totally oblivious to the fact that you’re your own worse enemy and you think its “everyone else” in your life, than there is no problem. Once you determine you don’t like the result you’re getting, you can change it. That is why building awareness is so important. Folks, if you’re not happy in your life, with all the love in the world, its not “everyone else”, its your unconscious mind. There is a story, or several in there that needs to be viewed, attended to, loved along to a shift that allows your greatness to come forward. It IS about you, and you deserve it.
You deserve joy, health, happiness. Do any of us deserve to not experience life? Nope. There will be sadness, disappointment, grief, loss, changes we didn’t see coming. Its’ life. But the clearer you are about your part of things, the more aware of the automatic pilot inside of you, the more you can see life for what it is, life, and not take it as a personal slam on you.
You’re beautiful, you’re a gift, you are creation energies BEST IDEA EVER! What you hold in your energy, is drawn to you. Whether you like it, or not.
I giggle when I hear my husband say the same things my Dad says. In many ways, they’re very much alike. Some ways, I like, some, well, I like less, but no deal breakers. I fell in love with a man who in my unconscious mind was what I was used to, but in my conscious mind, was what I wanted. It took a few tries, and my life is not over yet, so who knows what the last line of the story will be. I think happy and fulfilled, because I focus on happy and fulfilled. I’ve learned to see what’s mine, and what’s not for the most part, and it’s a work in progress. Trust me, when you think you’ve got it down pat, when you’re “so Spiritual”, or “so self-aware”, your ego has its hands over your eyes. You are driving blind. Do your best, notice what you notice, look deeper for what is holding you from your true Light, your bliss, and then be purposeful about healing that, and moving through, knowing some of it is always with you.
Be YOU, be intentional, be LOVE.
And remember, its just as cheap to fill the top half of the gas tank then it is to fill to bottom half. Just ask my Dad…and my husband.

Blessings Galore.