I think this is getting a little tight aka Its time to clean the closet

I think change as we age is normal, but not necessarily do I always find it desirable. My skin isn’t as even as it used to be, my cellulite is worse than ever, I’ve gained weight as my body has changed and with that, my mind is not as quick or as accurate with the memories. “I told you that last week” enters conversations more than it used to. Dementia, no, just busy and rushing and accordingly, forgetful.
Like most people, that moment of going to the closet and grabbing something that looked good on me last year, and finding its now really just too tight, is horrible. . Changes like these can be uncomfortable, and because of that discomfort we sometimes question whether its “good change”. Our ego tries to push us back into the “us” we used to be, to return to the favorite old blue jeans, or snug fitting sweaters. I hear these same discomforts from clients constantly; this old story just no longer fits their style, their eyes that see the world have changed, and are not as clear, and they’re ready to judge less than they used to. Their life feels too tight because they’ve grown and what used to fit them, just doesn’t anymore. When it doesn’t fit, it really is time to get rid of it, and folks, Goodwill doesn’t want this stuff. Just letting it go can be the perfect solution. Not everything needs to be passed on. We don’t upcycle broken garbage, we only pass on the good stuff. Growing and changing can be beautiful, sexy and very desirable. I love that my husband looks at me and sees beauty when he could just miss the “old body”, my mind may not remember as much useless trivia, but its more vast and open than ever to Spirit, and to our everchanging world. I may be “losing it” somedays, but I see the Light in the world around, us and am stubborn enough to ignore most of the darkness. At this time of year, I encourage you to clean your personal closet. To take inventory of what perhaps no longer fits you and your life. Let yourself lovingly accept the changes, the growth, even if it’s been uncomfortable to see it changing your life. Most of all, love yourself and how you’ve expanded! We are never meant to stay the same, and while outgrowing your clothes hasn’t been fun since Jr. High, outgrowing your limitations never gets old!
love your life. Many Blessings.