Feeling the pressure

So, been feeling pressured the last couple months? Yeah, me too.
This has been a crazy energy ride. The feminine energy, the masculine energy, no wait, back to the feminine energy. It gets a little wishy washy. There are so many times lately that I seriously believe there is a family of rodents running my brain…the furry tail kind…SQUIRREL! Here is what I see; too many people worried about what planets are where, and what energy is taking us over right now, and what’s coming in, etc. etc. It might show up for you as “why is she being such a B—-“, or “why can’t I get anything done without something getting in the way”, or “why is everyone being such a pain in my rear end right now?”, “I’m so sick of this job!!” or, “August will be the perfect time to manifest, July has too many planets out of alignment, nothing will come to fruition”. Its takes a million mind forms.

People. Just BE!

The energy that never goes out of style, is the present moment. If you want to leave the pressure of bouncing back and forth and around and around, be still. I know we all want to be able to explain why we’re feeling and experiencing what we are, we love that. It helps us feel like we have control, that we can put it in a box, and wait out the storm from the comfort of our personal container. Here’s the deal. That’s the ego, so cut it out. The ego wants the perception of control. Remember that part of us that we all have that always wants things to stay the same because its kept us alive so far, so it must work?? That guy? Well, let’s not give in. let’s use our enlightened selves to recognize that sometimes our desire to know exactly what’s happening when, is just the ego wanting to believe “if I know what it is, then I can cross it off my list and ignore it”. It no longer than applies to us. OR! Worse yet! We believe if we know what’s going on, then we can really delve into it! We can maximize our experience with it. We can be all we can be!!

Hold it a moment. I’m all for participation. I’m all about awareness, especially self-awareness. I don’t mean to be a butthead, BUT, we do need to release that sense of wanting to control, of wanting to drive the experience, or even wanting to be in the observer perspective to it, instead of our direct experience. Its really hard to be in both simultaneously. Trust me, I try all the time. Yep, my head gets too big, “I’m a psychic” like that makes me different than anyone else. Yes, my ego tries to use that to make me believe that its ok for me to observe everyone else’s process while I avoid my own like the plague. I do it, we all do it. In the mind of the ego, we’re just trying to save our own ass. No judgement, its just the truth.

So, here is what I invite you to consider. Maybe a day without social media. Maybe a day when all you do is pay attention to how you feel, during conversations, while you eat, when you exercise, while you’re talking to your partner, kids, friends, co-workers. How about intending yourself towards a day of direct experience. That every time you day dream, or rehash that last fight or disagreement, or why “this happened to me”, you lovingly bring yourself back to the moment. That each time you read something, or watch something on TV or on your computer, you check in with how your body feels as a reaction to what your read or saw. Lets’ practice, together, shall we, being more in the moment, and more available to our direct life experience. Every second of the day is a moment in time we will never get back. It will never be repeated, there is no pause button. Let’s savor more of those “once in a lifetime”. They are happening constantly.

Blessings Galore