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Reiki Healing Services 

ONE Holistic Wellness offers Reiki to St. Cloud, MN and surrounding areas provided by Anne Brady, Reiki Master.

Reiki works with the subtle energies of the body through the chakras to bring balance and to release emotional, mental and physical blockages from the body’s energy field. With Anne’s training in Healing Touch and Esoteric Healing she brings those modalities together to provide a unique energy healing experience.

We take everything in on an unconscious level, that is, everything that our mind gathers throughout our lives, whether or not we specifically focus on it, gets stored in the body. Science proves that sensations, emotions and responses don’t start at the brain and work toward the extremities; they start at the skin, and work back toward the brain. It’s not just the stress of today, but the stress of all day, everyday. Every thing that comes in contact with our body, or that we take in through our eyes and ears, or sense, even without knowing, elicits a response from our bodies. No wonder our bodies carry so much stress. Massage and Reiki can help reduce stress in our bodies, and the energy field that surrounds our body.