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Psychic Readings/ Mediumship


“guessing” can be exhausting.

As a psychic coach, I allow myself to be utilized by the Divine as a channel of communication.  My work allows my clients to receive guidance in any and all areas of life.  I often tell my clients, “be careful what you ask, I will allow an answer” as there are no subjects or topics that are “too much”, “too crazy”, “too weird”, “too personal”, “too…” anything.  In my work with the Divine, or what I lovingly refer to as your Divine Guidance System, comprised of Source energy in the forms of Spirit Guides, Angelic rhelm, Ascended Masters, passed loved ones and other high vibration communication energies, I allow through information and healing that can transform your life.  I am the voice box, the instrument that Source energy uses for communication to those that are drawn to me and my vibration for information and healing.

I work as a medium in many readings to provide a sense of connection and sometimes closure to those in desire or need for communication with someone, who has passed on to Light.  So often my clients leave their sessions with a greater sense of “knowing”, confirmation, clarity, optimism, enthusiasm and sense of support from the Divine, that was missing for them before.  They find themselves clearer, less anxious and more certain of their direction and their decisions.