Managing Your Energy: An Introduction to Chakras and Energetic Wellbeing


6-8 pm CT | Tuesday, March 19 Virtual, $50
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Virtual, $50

6-8 pm CT | Tuesday, March 19

Intuitive Healer and Teacher, Anne Brady-Cronin will look at the functions of each of the seven chakras (energy centers in the body). Anne will provide practical information on how to keep each chakra vital, clear and healthy. She will also describe how unmet needs of each chakra can get us off track and how transform these potential challenges into strengths.

We are all energetic beings in a physical body. Knowing and understanding your energy centers (Chakras) is the first step to being able to be clear and know what you want to create in this life.

Anne Brady-Cronin, CTC, PhD is a Psychic, Therapeutic Coach, Energy Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Her goal is to meet each person where they are in life and help them reconnect to their Divine inner self through intuitive guidance, energetic balance and building self awareness.

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