LampLighter 2022 (Spring)


Are you a LampLighter?

Are you wanting to live with continual guidance? Are you wanting to live more consciously and with greater intention and purpose? Have you been waiting for a group that encourages and facilitates that?

Here it is!

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Join the current lamplighters for a monthly, one-hour virtual group. You will connect with others who choose to live with open consciousness, connection, and alignment with Spirit.

Who:  If you desire to live a life aligned with Spirit, one that flows and follows Spirits messages and guidance, I welcome you to join us. LampLighter is your call to be the best version of yourself, for you and others in your circle. Lamplighters are here to hold space & provide leadership for their family, company, and community. The LampLighter Group is your call to live from the calm waters of Spirit rather than ego and agenda. LampLighters inspire and encourage others to be their best through positive support and accountability. If you are open to explore, see yourself clearly and bring your light of authenticity into the world, then join us!

When: The first Thursday of each month, 8:00 am central time zone. Enrollment is open from March 13th-20th, 2022. Sessions begin on April 7th, 2022, and run through October 2022.

How: We will connect live via Zoom audio. Each month will bring messages from Spirit as to what we need to be paying attention to, what personal work will help us be aligned and live in congruence with Spirit, along with a Q & A time to connect and share. There may be channelings, meditations, homework, topics that encourage our personal work. Each month will be its own experience. A recorded version will be available after the monthly meeting and sent via email link.